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OT - Ipod/Itouch apps

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I don't have many, and most free ones. Facebook natch (I am an addict), ITN news, Wikipedia, eBay, the spirit level one just because lol.

Tap Tap Revenge is the only game I tend to play, that's good. Oh, and Bejewelled Blitz, how could I forget that!


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Bbc Iplayer -- facebook -- Google love my google especially the maps you can get for it..

oh ive got soft ones too like "hold on" "iSteam" "iBeer" and one that very funny actually works "annoy-a-teen" .. there are millions of them love em all...

Berri xx


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I have ping,..which is fab,,,I downloaded it when it was free, not sure if it still is though..You can text another Iphone without using your minutes.....mover is another one where yu can share pics by swiping the screen only to another Iphone or Ipod touch...I love my phone, I trawl through the free apps and see if I like it..If not i just delete them...
torch (literally makes your screen white for when you lose a sock under le bed)
skype (free calls baby!)
iglowstick (for giggles)
sky news
photobucket (links ur account online)
istumble (random webpages, good to waste time)
last.fm (must have)
shazam (identify music that is playing anywhere by holding up yer phone)
pianist (play piano on ur phone, good for my niece)
word up!
scrabble (addictive)
isoda (fun app like ibeer)
doodlebuddy (self explanatory)
sketcher (doodling)
mbox mail (MUST HAVE if you use hotmail)
Palringo (use msn and facebook chat in one like text messaging but freee)

MIGHT be addicted...


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Blue grapefruit
I actually think you are addicted to your Iphone!!!
Congratulations! hahahaha
I love it....
I have to search for much more apps
I have boxed in, and thats addictive
Shhhhhh don't tell anyone, but mine is a naughty iphone. Somehow the apps are free!!

ok ok so i gave it to a bad person who did something naughty and now i get free apps.

Don't tell starlight, she's one of those "policeforce types"

Love you Sandiferous :D


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Oh No!! How naughty are you! lol
I wish all the apps were free! Some are really cool!!
Cheapskate I am!!!!!!!!!!! hhahahahaha


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i luurrve my iphone, my hubbys got one to so we have downloaded bump which means you can pick a picture etc then bump your hands together and the picture jumps to to other phone, how cool is that. Also uno, a card game we play against each other, err, ive downloaded flashcards and interactive fish tanks for my 2yr old and an app called letter tracer and he can practice writing his letters on the screen. Oooo daily burn is great it tracks all your exercise and gives you loads of workouts too, plus it will track your food. And a french and polish language course. I could go on............

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crash kart :p its cute lol.


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There was a thread on here about a SW app...They did reply but can't remember what they said! sorry if you look for it i'm sure you'll find it...I think we have to email SW enmasse!! hahaha
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I'm an iphone addict too. Some others worth trying are Capital FM, Heart FM, Old Booth for photo's is v. funny, Around Me is great if you need something in an area your not familiar with. I am also addicted to the Scrabble app.

It would be fantastic if SW sorted an app out - I would definitely get it.

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