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Been that time of year where all the companies doing the deals start ringing to tell you your contract is almost at an end and the what-not so been caught up by mobiles4you. Think they're sending me a phone, though will be my favourite colour (purple) is a touch downgraded from the phone I have now. I was worrying firstly as they were saying about cancelling my current contract to get another one. One I've had trouble before where my old contract kept going for two months so ended up paying for two phones for two months and didn't wanna change my number.

First got told no my number won't change just will be getting a new contract so said okay fine. Then had to have a check carried out on my card where they asked for all the info including the security code on the back which freaked me out, I don't know much about finance but I know that number is like sacred or whatnot. Did some discussing, verified they were a registered company and had official numbers 0845 etc so went through.

A quality control callback came through after 20 mins just to let me know the credit check was fine etc, went through the details then got told no I'd be getting a new number and my old sim would be downgraded to a pay-as-you-go thingy. Said wasn't happy about having to change numbers as it's always a pain isn't it, they're giving me the first month free as an apology but still a bit peeved...

...um as you can tell from this big ol' rant! Sorry, just wanting to vent, have put OT so hoping not annoying diet-only talkers and da kine. *sighs* damn I hate people ringing me on the phone for this kind of stuff :sigh:
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Oh 'eck! Sorry you've had hassle ..... no problem about venting as far as I'm concerned, as you say you've put OT so if people don't want to talk anything but diets they don't need to read!

Hope it all sorts itself out - usually things happen for the best, though sometimes we have to wait to enjoy that fact with hindsight :) x


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It is good to vent when stressed - stops the comfort eating.

Wow, what a pain in the bum :( Silly phone provider.