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OT: Some people.....

Im in work and it just really annoys me that some people can get away with talknig to you like absolute rubbish!!

Just had another staff memeber come up to me and have a right go blaming me for stuff that had nothing at all to do with me! I stood my ground, i wasnt horrible and i told her what she needed to do & she stormed off! It annoyed me that much i cried!!! felt like a right divvy! lol!

Rant over :) xx
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Some people just need to stop trying to be above everyone else. Well done you for standing your ground, but don't cry hunni, they aint worth your tears. (((hug)))


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Well done you for standing your ground!!
She's probably having a crap day (no excuse for taking it out on you but..!) and you were the nearest 'target'? She'll calm down and probably be embarrassed she threw a wobbly. I'd call her bluff and find her later, ask her if she's calmed down yet and if she's sorted out the problem, and if she found out who actually caused it as she was mistaken it was you. You'll look like the calm rational one comforting a daft child!! LOL! Make sure you do it in front of people too!
The problem is with them not you chick. My team leader at my latest PDR told me I would never get a grade 1 would only manage to get 2's which is average....how the heck can he see into the future!....they do it to exert control over some folk...mind you he got put into his place and might think twice about trying to push me about....dont give them another thought, dry your eyes and get on with what you do....((hugs))..xx
thanks all :)
im just being over sensitive i know i get like that from time to time! didnt help i was already feeling low before i got into work so that was just the iceing on the cake but on a plus side its friday i finish at 5 n then im off the gym to work off my frustration :)
i know how you feel just on my lunch and theres some real lazy people
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i know exactly what you mean i was nearly scraping in the playground yesterday with 1 of the other moms(not my fault) but you see we live in a world where some ppl are so stuck up there own bums they cant see the light dont let it get to you hunni just go round thinking that every1 else are nutters and you are the only sane 1 and you wont go wrong lol xxxx


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I think most people that work have someone like that around them. I do. So far up the boss's backside they would need to be surgically removed!!

You are the better person and don't let them get to you. Easier said then done I know. Hope you enjoy the rest of your friday.


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Try not to let them get you down

At the end of the day she looks like the idiot for shouting at you..

Also If she was shouting at you you can report her and get her in trouble

Your not allowed to raise your voice to some one in the work place..

You can express your self in a low and civilised tone

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