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OT: Toni and Guy PIC ADDED!


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Hi Emma, Sorry, never used them. i do remember looking at the price list once and almost passed out!! lol! Good luck


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I'm a stylist, and to be honest, your only paying extra for the name above the door. Go by recomendations of someone who's hair looks fab, just go ask who does there hair. I find this is how I get alot of new clients. Or ask a friend with lovely style and gloss who does her hair x


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i would not suggest Toni and guy. Just paying for the name.


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I went there once, to treat myself, and to be honest... I don't even remember what they did. It was unremarkable. I use a local salon by my house now. They're really friendly and do great work. I've never been happier with any hairdresser. And it's not as expensive as the high street names, so I can afford more treats, like colour, etc.

I do buy Toni & Guy hair products at Boots though. They are worth the money.


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I had my hair coloured at Toni and Guy once and they did do a fab job BUT they also cut my hair and took about 10 mins to do the whole cut which I really wasnt impressed by...

They are very expensive and I've found that as others have said, it's all about the name etc... I've had better hair cuts at less pricey salons...

I'm in a bit of a predicament about my hair at the moment too though... not sure whether to have it cut shorter into an actual 'style' or to just let it grow longer for the summer... decisions decisions!!
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Hi, I seem to be in the minority as I do go to my local Toni and Guy (Chiswick) and I am happy there. I have one person to colour and then a different person to style my hair. I would always go for one of the top stylists to be on the safe side.


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I'm also a huge Toni and Guy fan! I have really long, thick wavy hair any they are the only salon where i've EVER been pleased with the results! I don't go as often as I should because of the price but it really is worth it!


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Well i normally go to a local salon to get my hair done, it was 18 pound for a cut and blow dry, they always make a fab job of it too and i have never been dissapointed. Then one day i was in town and decided to treat myself, so i went to a posh salon in glasgow city centre and i could have cried when i came out, they made a right mess of it. I was defo only paying for the name, the stylist was rubbish.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do though, it is just that i will never waste money doing that again. xx


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Well,,,,, I've booked it!!!
Off tomorrow to have it done, so will post a pic on here if I like it!!! Hehe.
Thanks for the advice... really it was what I expected... mixed!
Emma xXx


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Hope it turns out lovely for you. I just had mine cut this morning and daughter had hers too and it cost £15 for her and £18 for me cut and blow dry and straightened and I have never been dissapointed with our cuts at our local village salon. I colour my own as I am a hairdresser so do grudge paying salon to do it when I can buy the colour for under £10. My daughter goes every 8wks with me for cut now as it is her treat as she was missing out on that with me doing her hair.


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I colour mine at home too!!!

Well, I am home and I think I really like it. I'm a fussy so and so about my hair, and this is a big change from long hair on a centre parting just hanging straight... before pic in my album too, and here is how I looked 5 minutes ago.

As for the salon and hairdresser... FAB!!! They were really helpful and did a really good job, I went in at 9, and left at 10.1 when she was totally happy, so I thought it was worth the £35, and I have 2 vouchers for £5 off my next 2 cuts. :)


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Your hair looks fab Emz, really suits you! It's a nice colour too. Hope you are off out somewhere to show it off!! xx


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Thank you... yup, my lovely OH is taking me out to a local italian tonight... can't wait!!!


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It looks really cool, and the soft feathered fringe is so flattering, now you will have to try and recreate the style every time you wash your hair :D

Looking fab x


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you hair looks good, was that price for tony and guy as seems very cheap if it was?

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