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OT - Wanted your opinions

My doctor recently took me off my birth control pills because of me being overweight I have a higher risk of getting blood clots in my legs. So he offered me the mini pill (Cerazette) I am suppose to start taking them tonight. I had read up and you get some side effects such as either no period, or a really long period (some up to 4 weeks), also get miagraines, weight gain etc. He also mention the implant that you can get but it also comes with the same side effects. I really dont need to gain anymore weight then I already have and I dont want spot bleeding or 4 weeks straight worth either.
Has anyone tried any of these and would be nice enough to share their experiences, I know it all comes down the person as we are all different. Just curious as to what you guys have to offer.
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I was offered cerazette after I had my son but when I looked into it I wasn't keen either, I have also since been told if you weigh over a cetain weight ( 11 stone I think was said) you should take 2 a day but the dr only told me to take 1. Not sure how true it was but I didn't want any suprises! The implant I have heard good and bad things about, my friend has had 2 and only gets a period every few months.

I would go back to your dr and talk through your concerns, there are all sorts of options but you need to find one that suits you. Have you considered having a coil fitted?

I hope you find something that suits you.x
I had an implant fitted just over 2 years ago and haven't had any problems. Didn't gain weight with it, no headaches and haven't had any periods or spotting in the whole 2 years. I prefer it to pills as at least you can't forget to take them! Plus they last for 3 years and if you take them out then (or earlier if need be) your fertility returns to normal immediatelty, unlike many contraceptive options that can take months.

Hope :) xx
I was leaning towards the implant. I have been on the pill for 9 years straight and I am forever forgetting to take them. So the implant is great for that reason alone. I just hope I am one of the people who don't have a period with it (although I heard if you don't have a period that makes you gain weight). I think it's worth a shot.
I have a month's worth of Cerazette which I will start tonight to see how they go (again worried about the side effects) in the meantime I am going to book a appointment with family planning to discuss things.


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Hi hun, well i had the implant fitted after my dd was born. I thought it would be great as i had heard good stuff about it, members of my family all had it with no probs at all. However i was a different story, after i got it fitted i got a really heavy period and it lasted almost a year, non stop! I kept going to my gp and she kept telling me it is just settling in and it will stop eventually. After almost a year of bleeding and being extremly low in iron she eventually agreed it wasn't right and removed the implant. So it worked in the way that it stopped me getting pregnant that year but for all the wrong reasons lol. This happened to me and i would never recommend it, however i do know people that it has worked well for. I would discuss it more with your gp hun xxx
Thanks for the heads up, I guess it's one of those things you won't know until you try and is different for everyone.
let us know what you decide and how you get on , i dont have the knowledge on this area im afraid x
Hi Mable, i started Cerazette on monday as my coil has just begun to run out.

No side effects so far thank god.....

I have a Mirena coil, have had it 5 1/2 years and after the trauma of getting it fitted and a month of light back pain I can honestly say it was worth it, 5 years without periods and no worries.

Am going to have another fitted but Im off to Vegas on the 28th and Im worried the back pain will return hence the stop gap (cerazette).

Hope it works for you.

Was on Microgynon before the coil but was refused due to my weight back then.

Julie x


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ditto with the coil! however i think they only offer it to women who have had children? my sis went and they refused it as it would be too difficult to put in place!

I tottally love it no periods for over a year did get spotting for a month or too was v light! but i have never looked back! its fab
hey mabel, im on cerazette, i was taken off my other pill due to my weight, doc suggested the coil but i refused as to have it fitted is rather invasive and can be painful (and im just one of those people that would rather avoid that), anyhoo......

cerazette, have bleeding for the 1st 3 weeks, nothing major, no cramps, no heavy bleeding or clots and then it settled down,

had a 2/3 days spotting a couple of weeks ago but i was mega stressed at the time so could have been a factor, but im fine with it in every other sense and clearly havent put weight on!!

all good for me :D
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Katy, yep they only give to people who have had a baby - unfortunately they didnt ask if I had a natural birth (didnt realise this was important) so I was on the slab having it fitted and THEN they asked me if I had had a natural birth as my cervix was rather tight!!!!!!!!!!!

Ended up cutting it open wide enough to fit the damn thing (they decided they may as well go ahead as I was already halfway through and in agony)!!

needless to say I am plucking up the courage to return after 5 1/2 years!!!!! BUT i believe I can have an anaesthetic block this time - or just simply get out of my mind!! hahaha...

Lovely topic lol x
Sorry no good things from me I'm afraid, I had the mini pill for a while but beld continuously, then had the Mirena coil fitted after 3 natural births still went into shock and then had to have it removed after 3 weeks due to excruciating pain and it turning me more loopy than usual, I must add though I tried all these for prevention of heavy periods not contraception as I had already been sterilized, finally had a hysterectomy 5 years ago.
I am shocked to hear they won't prescribe the combined pill to women in the overweight bracket, this was never an issue when I took it before the sterilization. My daughters have had the implant with a few side effects and the depo injection with again few side effects. I think its something you have to try for yourself to see if its suits. Good luck with the mini pill and let us know how you get on.

my family is complete now, but over the years I have had the pill, coil, and injection.

Got the injection 6 weeks ago, and everything is fine. I am waiting for an appointment for the implant, the injection was a stop gap, but I may just get the injection again.

The implant may be best for you as your fertility returns on its removal. The other methods can upset your cycle for weeks/months before it returns to normal.
Thanks for the input everyone, I really have no clue what I am going to do. At the moment I am on Day 2 of Cerazette so I may as well continue with that for the month to see what kind of side effects if any I get. The coil sounds like a good idea but I haven't had any children, although I do know someone who has the coil fitted but has never had children so I may ask anyway. I will keep you all updated.
Hi, I was on the mini pill Cerazette, but didn't like it I didn't have a period for 5 months then would spot bleed then no periods again for a while. I went onto have the coil fitted and have never looked back it was a bit uncomfortable going in but I can honestly say I have had no side effects at all,


gunna be a fatty for ever
billygroat - i had an anestetic (sp) so dint feel pain just uncomfy...

baby -good look with your pill hope it works out for ya x
iv been tkaing cerazette for a year now. and what awonder drug it is for me! yes it stops periods for most people, including me, which suites me fine. i dont get hormonal. no fuss. no mess. (am i starting to sound like an advert yet ? lol)

iv tried a few pills over the years, this is the best for me by far. no side effects at all. and im like u, taken off the other pills due to blood pressure/stroke risk etc
Oh god I hate Cerazette, I think it's only been 9 days and I can't wait to get off them, I have been spot bleeding ever since and have had a constant headache since the day I started them. Had my appointment yesterday to see if I can get the Mirena Coil and they said yes so I get it Nov 11, can't wait.


gunna be a fatty for ever
yeay!!! Glad u got it sorted! did they explain all the side effects of the coil?

Yeah they did, and I also read up on it before I went in. Fingers crossed everything works out, with my luck I'll be the one that gets an infection lol

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