Our 2012 Goals


Not such a fat kat now :)
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Firstly, Congratulations on our success in 2011. :)

Welcome to mini's old and new. :)

I wanted to start this thread before christmas so that we made sensible goals and targets not rash ones made in the heat of the New Year.

So think long and hard before you post on this thread, make them realistic and acheivable. So that we can be proud of our successes at the end of 2012.

In the spirit of that here are my goals for 2012.

starting weight on 3rd January 2012. - 14 stone 10 lb

1. To be 13 1/2 stone by Mother's Day (25th March) :family2:

2. To be a size 16 by Mother's Day

3. To be 12 stone by 1st June - my boarding school reunion. Ive not seen them since 1985 and need to look amazing !!:painting:

4. to be size 14 by 1st June.

5. To be at my goal of 11 stone and a size 12 by my 22nd Wedding Anniversary on 24th August.:love047:

6. To be wearing a slinky red dress at christmas.:smiley1842:

7. To do exercise more regularly - hula hooping, trampoline and walking mainly. Going to try 30 day shred and aquafit.

8. Im now adding a new goal to this thread. Ive been discovering that I am now able to walk further and easier than I have been able to for over 11 years the more weight I lose and whilst my knee will never improve I refuse to let it spoil my life. We (hubby and I) used to climb mountains years ago which Ive not been able to do for years as sometimes I can barely walk around town. and I am now adding a 'small hill climb to my goals. I will be working up towards this to be attempted in the June half term :) Ive picked the walk and planned my attack. So Yorkshire Dales here I come.

Who will join me to make 2012 our GOLD Olympic year???????

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Can anyone make this a sticky???

This is really exciting to write it down.... So here I go, I really hope my goals are I hope realistic.

By the end of February I want to be 101kg (15 stone 10lbs) ACHIEVED early Feb 2012 woohoo!!!

By my NKOTBSB concert at the end of April I want to be 95kg (14 stone 13lbs) ACHIEVED 16.3.2013 happy me!!!

By my birthday on 2/7/2012 I would love to be a size 20 as I have some amazing summer clothes one outfit in particular I would love love love to be wearing for my birthday BBQ. I don't know what I would have to weigh but I think around 90kgs (14 stone 2lbs) would do it... ACHIEVED MAY 2012

By my one year anniversary of popping my first xen 8/10/2012 I would like to be 83kg (13 stone) ACHIEVED 10.08.2012

By Christmas 2012 I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could get down to 80kg (12 stone 8lbs) ACHIEVED 17.09.2012

Then I will only be 10kgs from my goal weight.....
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Loving the New Years Goals:

Mine are:
To start running and keep it up
To run a half marathon in October 2012
To be a size 14 by my birthday (12/7)
To be a size 12 for my best friends wedding (27/10)
To be at my goal weight for Christmas 2012 - 65 KG
To not lose focus & go off track!

Good Luck to everyone with their other goals!


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To get my BMI to 30 by easter

To get my BMI to 25 by the summer

To maintain my BMI at around 23 by Christmas
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News years goals:

Back to Zumba Jan 2012 (I hope) 2-3 classes a week.
Start walking to school in Jan weather permitting.
Losing 2-3kgs a mth if not more..
Lose 10% of original weight by end of Jan which means I need to have lost 10 kgs I have 2.6 kgs to go!
Reach goal weight (65 kgs) by End Nov 2012


Not such a fat kat now :)
S: 19st1.5lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st10.5lb(30.09%)
I did try to make it a sticky but I couldn't work it out so I'd anyone can move it it would be brilliant :)

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Reckon it'd have to be a mod or admin person from the site.....


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my target weight is 13 stones. i'm currently 15st 1lbs (give or take 1lb or 2).
my goals are:
14 1/2 stone by my birthday (31st Jan)
and after that, i'm happy just to be dropping lbs, dont want to set myself any targets that will add pressure to me!
going to berlin in march and would like to be nearing 14st by then.
hopefully going to thailand in the summer, if by then i could be nearing my target weight, i'd be delighted.
good luck one and all! xx


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I would like to reach 100 loss by our holiday on 18 August. I am 1 lb off being halfway there at the moment. That's my ultimate goal, but would like to into the 14s by end January, then into 13s by mid March.

Am aiming to keep up 3 exercise classes a week but will change which ones from January.

Goof luck everyone for a fab 2012!


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What a great idea, also teaches us that this is long term, not just until Christmas or whatever.

I have a goal of 14st 7 by Christmas, well on my way to that so...

Under 14st by the end of Jan (might be tight, though, given Christmas in the middle)
Under 13st 7 by my birthday (18th March)-should be doable.
Well in to the 12s by my brother's wedding in May
Goal (about 11st 7) by holidays in France in August.

Good luck, everyone!

KB x


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As I appear to be losing on avg 7lbs per month I want to continue that. Of course I would like to get there quicker but this way is working SO:

1. Maintain 12st 13 till after Xmas (gymming whilst I'm off to counteract the Quality Street)
2. 12st for my birthday (12 March)
3. 11st for Download (8 June)
4. 10st when I qualify (13 September)
5. Not chronologically but continue running and get up to 10kmph by June
6. Maintain my SMILE and never let this weight loss thing dominate my life or make me the chick who won't eat out with her mates (but continue to be the girl who makes the healthier choice) and who once in a while eats a chicken kebab with her fella because life is for living as well as slimming


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I guess i dont set myself mini goals because i think if i failed them i wud start giving up so i only have 1 goal and thats by next xmas 2012 i want to be in a size 14/16 lipsy dress . im just going to try my hardest till then and hope i become that haha xx


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Hi there - what a great post!

To get my club 10 by the end of February.
To complete the 30 day shred DVD with no gaps!
To get to my goal by April 7th.
To book a summer holiday and dazzle this summer in a bikini!
To maintain my new figure and be able to wear my gorgeous Karen Millen dress at Christmas as I was unable to this year!


Not such a fat kat now :)
S: 19st1.5lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st10.5lb(30.09%)
Starlight - youre wonderful thank you :)


5:2 lover
S: 18st13.5lb C: 10st5lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 8st8.5lb(45.39%)
Thanks Starlight - I sent her a message guys asking for a sticky of this cos I'm sure we're all gonna be looking at this a lot in 2012 for inspiration x
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Hello Hello!

Right been having abit of think about what I want to achieve next year. Especially since this year I've really not lost anything at all. Although I haven't put weight on so yay for that lol.

I think my first goal will be lose the Xmas weight (whatever that may be by the end of Febuary or before)

The I'd really like to get below 13st 5lbs so I'm going to set that for my birthday!


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Oooh I'm excited about this have had a think so my goals for 2012 are:

To get to 19 stone by the end of April

To get to 16 stone by the end of August

To get to 14 stone by the end of December

Wow that seems a lot of weight 7 stones in a year?? Should be totally doable!
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Ah I've found it! I'll post mine later I need to think .....


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My goals for 2012 are....

1. To get back on the wagon before new year! And on my way to target!

2. Get down to the 13.9 - 4 stone lost!
2a. Get down to 12.9 - 5 stone lost!
2b. Get down to 11.9 - 6 stone lost

3. Get into a size 14!

5. Loose a min of 1lbs per week!

6. Plan for when I'm working! (ensure shopping is done, food prepared and not opt for easy option!)

7. Get more organised for exercise! A min of 3x per week

8. To feel good about myself once again!!!

That's me for another year! Think I'll be needing to keep popping back to this thread!! X