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Out of Date Stock

Hello today is day 3 for me and ive already got my self in to a routine. Whilst having my morning shake (i have the premade tetra drinks) I noticed that the best before date was Dec 2008, I have now checked my other drinks and they too are out of date. I called my CDC and she said its fine to still drink them and that she couldnt replace them. I feel a bit cheated as ive paid a lot of money for these drinks and now im not sure if i should still drink them but i dont want to stop this diet.

is it ok to still drink them, what should I do about by CDC

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That can't be right. There's a reason there's a date on them and she shouldn't be selling you this stock. I would call the head office and ask them as i am certain your cdc is very wrong. I don't know how she thinks she can get away with it. Please report her and the issue xxx
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I think thats really bad of her to sell you out of date products, maybe you should ring the head office and check. I know you probably don't want to upset her as you've got to see her every week but she really should replace them for you, I would ring head office and speak to her again if it was me. As you say you are paying good money for these shakes, its not on!!


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There was something about this before, and it's DEFINITELY a no. You need to tell her that you want replacements, she legally cannot be selling out of date stock. And she can replace them, and should. My CDC will replace any unopened shake even if I don't like it. Here's Head Office's comments on the matter...

Official Guidance - what happens after best before date


The vitamins and minerals start to deteriorate.
The flavour changes and will start to taste stale.
The fats, essential fats are added, sunflower oil is added, and the soya flour contains fat these are the elements that become rancid.


These become thick and all of the above apply.


Bars harden and as they have the fats added the rancid problem again arises along with the reduction in vitamins and minerals.

So advice from CD Head Office use the packs before the best before date.

CDC's aren't allowed to sell or even give away as samples stock that is past its sell by date.

There are two codes on packs one date of manufacture an done sell by sometimes it can be confusing as to which is which, so check.

Speak to your CDC again, if she refuses to exchange them then you really need to speak to Head Office about it, because not only is it out of order, it's against CD rules and it's illegal.


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You would not put up with this buying conventional food so why should you accept it with the cd........there are loads of responsible cdc's out there and I suggest you go find a new one as your current one is out of order.................x
Thank you, just left her a message to tell her that I want to replace my drinks, will let you all know the outcome, thanks for your advice


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She definately should not be selling out of Date Products... you are paying enough money for them, so should get what you are paying for!! Definately agree with everyone else, say you want them changed without arguement or you'll contact head office. It's just not on!
Oh thats not good - can I ask - without meaning to sound cheeky - are you sure that its the BB date you're looking at - there are 2 dates - 1 is the date of manufacture & the other is the BB date...just a thought, might be worth a second look, however if it is definately the BB date, then they should not be drunk but should be replaced immediately hun without any question :)

Hope you get it sorted ;)

debs xx
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6 Months out of date and BAD advice from the CDC..

Get your money back!
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how did you get on DG?

did you double check the bb date and manufacture date? they are easily mis-read...

hope you got the matter resolved, let us know!

Hello, I have double checked and they say:
Best before 24 Dec 08
Manu Date 23 May 08
and the other have a maufacure date of 08 and best before date is May 09.
eeeek...! I have drunk some not knowing they were out of date and luckily have had no side affects but still im going to try and get them replaced.
In that case they should be replaced hun, please dont drink anymore - though thankfully you've had no ill effects from those already consumed, I cant think why your CDC has said she cant replace them, but really she should, the December ones in particular are quite a long way out of date. :)

Good Luck ;)

debs xx
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shocking behaviour from a fellow cdc... gives us all a bad name!

i hope you are alone in your experiences with your cdc.

give her a good talking to... lol.

good luck x


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Hiya Hun,

OMG, Thats really shocking that your CDC has gave you out of date stock, They certainly have no vitamin content now surely, I am using out of date stock at the moment but they are only 20th June 09.. :rolleyes:
I am really suprised you not ill from them..

Keep us posted, xx


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A few days out of date is one thing-6 months is quite another!I would contact head office if she doesn't want to replace them.
CDC's are not allowed to sell or even give away as free samples diet products that are past the best before date.

As mentioned above if you do not get them replaced please contact our Head Office or if you like you can PM me and I will forward on the information for you.


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It pays to check the dates, so it seems. I'm gonna look at mine in future. Kind of hard to look when your in the CDC's room, but as soon as I get in car, I will. If I'm not happy, I'll go straight back in. The Cambridge Diet Consumer Customer Services, must be able to do something for you!.Good luck and do let us know how you get on. xx


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I can't believe that - it is quite appalling. I would definitely demand she changes them; report her to head office and find yourself another CDC. I wouldn't give her any more money!!

I seriously hope someone from head office is listening to all this!



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I always make any clients check their packs before they leave - to make sure they have the ones they want, and they are in date. I really hope you get it sorted without too much hassle.


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I also think it should be the responsibility of the CDC not to sell out of date stock... if we bought something in a supermarket with the sell by date out by 6 months, Environmental Health would be called it, and the shop would probably be prosecuted.


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