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  1. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    I'm 29 & been overweight for around 10 years. I weighed around 9 stone up to 19yrs old then went to 11 stone then nearly 12 stone in my mid 20s then up to 16stone after my first child.
    I'm currently 14st 8 after going on various diets the last year and I started cc on Monday.


    B - porridge 180cal
    L - home made carrot & coriander soup 113 cal
    3 aldi ryvita 99 cal
    T - chicken dinner 314
    S - 3 biscuits 120 cal
    3 cups of tea 45 cal
    Fruit 40 cal
    M&ms 216 cal

    Total calories 1126

    I'm aiming for 1100 calories a day but don't mind going up to 1200.

    I'm terrible for not having breakfast so on my days off I'm having porridge sachet & on days when I'm at work iv bought Special K porridge pots as there 50p at asda at the minute.

    I'm also terrible on not having enough water so I'm aiming to increase that.

    I have got myself into a routing of having a few glasses of wine a night so I'm also trying to knock that on the head & not drank since Monday. My aim is to have two glasses of wine on Friday & a glass of wine on Sunday this week.
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  3. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Subscribing :) your food looks good. Keep it up x
  4. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Thanks :)
  5. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Here is what I hope to eat today. I feel a bit naughty eating crisps & chocolate crepes but I suppose as long as I don't have crisps & chocolate every day it should be alright.
    Think my problem is that iv done that many diets that iv programmes myself to think that anything 'naughty' like crisps, chocolate etc = off the diet, which causes me to fail.

    porridge 180 cal

    3 aldi Ryvitas 99 cal
    Aldi low fat cottage cheese 67
    Aldi cheese curls(quavers) 64 cal

    asda king prawn linguine 290 cal
    Asparagus cooked in olive oil 80 cal
    Home made wholemeal crepes x 2 184cal
    Philadelphia cadburys 20g 57 cal

    Chicken drumstick 76 (if I get hungry after tea)
    Cups of tea x 3 45

    Total calories 1241

    I use my fitness pal to count calories and I was thinking of a desert so I googled crepes and entered the ingredients (nigella recipe) into myfitnesspal and it was 278 cal for 2. So I searched again for wholemeal crepes using less flour, half wholemeal & half plain & more milk and found another recipe for 184 calories for 2 crepes (food4tots website) so I'm chuffed with that !)
  6. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    e's what I really had

    B - porridge pot 190cal
    L - 3 ryvita 99cal
    Carrot & coriander soup 113cal
    T - asda linguine 290 cal
    Asparagus & olive oil 80
    S - 2 x crisps 128 cal
    220 ml sainsburys basic red wine 147 cal

    Total = 1097 cal

    I'm happy with that & since iv been having breakfast iv not been hungry till lunch

    Snacks will be better tomorrow
  7. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member


    B - porridge pot 196cal
    L - carrot & coriander soup 113c
    3 aldi ryvita 99cal
    T - king prawn saag
    50g brown rice
    2x chapatis 372 cal
    S -350ml red wine 240 cal
    Cheese curls 64 cal
    Melon 12 cal

    Total calories - 1094

    Happy with today. Was full, curry was lush and iv saved some of the sauce to have as soup on Monday & I'll make a chapati to go with it.
  8. sarah-louise x

    sarah-louise x Silver Member


    Well done on your fab weight loss to date, keep up the good work, you're doing amazing!!

    Sarah x
  9. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Saturday 25th

    B - 2x bacon, 1x egg, 1/2 ww sausage, plum tomatoes & mushrooms - 229 calories

    L - saag soup (from last nights curry) & 1 chapati - 209 calories

    T - homemade pizza with mozzarella, ham & mushroom. - 464 calories

    S - wholemeal crepes x2- 184 calories & choc philly -57 calories

    Total - 1142

    I'm am going to try & not have any wine :/ as it's weigh in on Monday & af has arrived so guessing I'll have a bit if water retention.

    I also might swop my wholemeal crepes for cheese curls & a dreamy bar which is total of 141 plus 2 cups tea @ 30 calories. But I'm unsure.
    Since trying not to have as much wine , I look forward to having a cuppa tea & crisps/small choc bar @ 9pm.
  10. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Thank you Sarah :)
  11. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    I ended up having breakfast lunch and tea the same but for snacks I had

    3 x cup of tea - 45 calories
    Pizza as a snack later on (was a very thin base) - 257 calories
    2 jelly babies - 40 calories
    Daily total - 1032

    I'm quite pleased with that as I refrained from wine & chocolate/crisps but could of done with fruit & veg. I tend to only eat that when I'm at work and when I'm not working I have 3 main meals & a snack or 2 on the night.

    I have my first weekly weigh in on Monday and think I'll have only lost 3lbs as af arrived and due to my new diet this week & not had much bm. Tmi sorry !
  12. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Today iv had

    B - 2 ww sausage, 2 bacon, 1 egg - 299
    L - happy meal hamburger & chips - 433
    T- cheese on toast -284
    S - Cappacino, squares crisps - 273

    Total - 1339

    I was meant to be out for a late lunch and having under 500 calories but car got a flat tyre so had a cappacino & crisps as starving & too late for lunch in pub so had McDonald. & guna have cheese on toast at 7/8 ish. Was guna av a quarter pounder & medium fries but that was over 800 caloroes so atleast I cut back there. And my bf got me coke not diet coke & I tried it and was disgusting so didn't have that either.

    Weigh in is tomorrow an as it's tom and constipated I reckon my loss will be 3lbs :( I'm not happy as iv 95% stool to my calorie allowance but a loss is a loss and hopefully after some bm & tom stops I'll have a good loss the week after. So I'm not letting it deter me.
  13. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    My average caloroes each day for the last week is 1131
  14. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    That loss would be great! Dont be annoyed about it, just see it as a head start for next weeks weigh in :) x
  15. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Loss on first week is 4lbs.
    Now weigh 14st 4 3/4

    Happy with that as I wasn't 100%

    B - strawberry, melon & yoghurt - 108
    L - beef hot pot - 233
    T - chicken & bacon salad - 593
    S - 4 cups of tea - 50

    Total calories - 982

    Not sure if il have more as trying not to have crisps & chocolate. Might have an alpen light bar with a cuppa as my nightly treat
  16. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Just had my salad and after eating half I was full !! My bf woofed his down and usually it's me eating it all and him leaving a bit !
  17. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    So I my tea ended up at 396 calories as I swapped 2 slices of bacon for grilled prosciutto (30 calls a slice and was lush!!!), didn't have any cheese either.

    For a snack I had cups of tea & crisps & small choc bar.

    Total calories - 929

    I swapped my usual breakie of porridge to fruit & natural yoghurt & it was really nice & filling & less calories. I'm feeling positive about the diet & not had wine since Froday night :)
  18. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member


    B -melon (left my yoghurt at home :( - 36 cals
    L - chicken salad 300cals
    T - sausage, mash, cabbage & carrot - 450 cals
    A - cheese curls
    Dreamy bar 141 cals

    Total cals -926

    Gone for under 1000caloroes today and yesterday to try and get a good loss & iv not been hungry and had 3 meals each day, hopefully stick to that tomorrow too.
    And no wine for 4 days!!
  19. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member


    B - toasted muffin & butter - 229 cal
    L - 3 ryvita, cheese & tomato grilled - 226 cal
    T - roast pork dinner - 335
    S - cheese curls
    5 cups of tea
    Fresh fruit salad - 274 cal

    1064 total calories

    Weighed this morning and was 14st 4lb so 4.5 lbs lost so far :) and iv changed my targets to small targets rather than thinking 'sh** iv got 5stonr to lose!!'
  20. MinzieMoo

    MinzieMoo Full Member

    Ryvita with grilled cheese & tomato was delish'n and very filling...I'll defo have that again.
    Need to stick up today so that I can get on and make batches of soup to freeze
  21. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Thats a fantastic loss, well done! Im doing exactly the same with the small goals. 4 stone scares me into thinking im never going to make it. Im just trying to focus on the next stone bracket each time :). Ooo your ryvita sound lovely, I never thought of having them like that, I must try it!

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