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Packed lunch ideas please?

Linda S

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S: 14st1lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 2st1lb(14.72%)
Well, I'm on day 5 and feeling pretty positive. Have enjoyed planning my foods and experimenting a little in the kitchen, but.......

Next week I'm back at work, and need some packed lunch ideas up my sleeve so I don't slip up! What sort of things do you guys buy or take to work for lunch?
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People tend to take things like super low fat noddles, snack shots. You could make tortillas, pasta pies, quiche without the pastry. Chicken, bacon and pasta salads.. some ideas
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My favourite is Anslt harriot couscous with cold roasted onion and peppers mixed in and sometimes a cold eastsmart sausage cutt up and put in to, or you could use chicken pieces!


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I like to take pasta or get a Jacket Potato while I'm out (no butter but with beans) makes for a very filling lunch which is syn free. Or if you have access to a microwave or toaster at work, soup or a toastie is also lovely. I take in those toaster bags and come up with all different fillings! Cheese and spring onion is one of my favourites.
Today I am taking a Quorn salad sandwich, an apple and a pack of Snack a Jacks as I am on the go all lunchtime today. Have a look in the recipe section, there are some fab lunch choices in there. Hope this helps.


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you could make a chicken salad wholemeal pitta... yummmmmm

Mrs Harley

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My hubby has to take packed lunches every day, he has no where to heat anything and I am often stuck for ideas...esp on green days but he loves my lemon and coriander cous cous.

1 cup cous cous
1 cup of chicken stock made with bovril
juice of 1 lemon
handful of fresh coriander

Heat the stock and lemon juice until boiling, remove from heat, add cous cous and coriander, stir in...cover with lid and after a few mins...bingo

Also I have made him quark filled omelette wraps which went down well..... just make up a couple of omelette, add a few chili flakes for extra bite and place them to one side to cool....mix a tub of quark with some red pepper diced finely and some tabasco....allow to chill a little to firm it up, spread the mix in the cold "wraps" and roll into a swiss roll, cut in half and serve with green salad leaves.....
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How weird

I was just reading this thread & CupcakeKatie described my actual lunch that I'm eating right now! I'm using the Ainsley Harriot couscous that has sunflower seeds in it and also have sweetcorn in it too. Yum.

If I remember I sometimes add a little bit of that Blue Dragon chilli dipping sauce.

I also like to take cold savoury rice into work, the curry one is nice with a chopped up hard boiled egg on a Green day.

Determined Bunny

A Very Determined Bunny!!
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Hmm can't answer for myself but I pack my fiance up every day and use his hex b in his pack up, as I have him volunterally on the diet too!! so he has his usual sandwiches egg on a green meat on a red and plenty of fruit and a muller light! Sometimes salad and boiled eggs depending if he feels he need to be a bit lighter!


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Homemade soup, in a flask as I have no where to heat things up. Cous cous with roased veg and salad. Ryvitas with laughing cow and ham on red day or houmous on green with a small side salad. My fav red day dinner is Morrisons lemon and parsley mackerell with salad and beetroot yummy!! Hmm seems to be a lots of salad there but I don't mind it when theres lots of variety to go with it.


Never gets tired of SW!
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Do you like potato salad? I sometimes make one with cold boiled new potatoes, chunky ham, apple, spring onions and Hellmanns extra light (0.5 syns per tbspn- I have 2!) mixed with a little wholegrain mustard and lots of pepper! Yummy and filling!! Or any leftovers from the day before! I also like a wholemeal pitta and my favourite filling is homemade egg mayonnaise with curry powder added to the Hellmanns extra light, along with spring onions, salad leaves and halved cherry tomatoes! If you are a fan of eggs, making a SW quiche or a frittata makes a really filling lunch along with a HEX cereal bar and some fruit or yogurt! Have a look at the SW magazine and get ideas from the 7 day meal planner- examples in the current mag are Roast pepper couscous (Tues) and Garden salad with slices of roast turkey (Sat). I also find that Mugshots and Pot Noodle in a mug are very useful for filling a gap, especially when I miss breaks in work! Some of them are free on EE/Green, some of them are 1/2 syn, the highest is 2 syns! XXX

Linda S

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S: 14st1lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 2st1lb(14.72%)
Don't have anywhere to heat things up but the home made soup in a flask sounds a good idea, I've been experimenting with soups this week :) Potato salad sounds good too, and rice.

Thanks for all the ideas, should keep me going for a while, need to have some variety so I don't use it as an excuse to eat something I shouldn't!


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i mae a nice pasta salad for work! it had a tin of tuna,sweetcorn,onion,cucumber,peppers tomatos and extra light mayo and vinagerette to make it moist and black pepper

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