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Hi there
When I had this problem I increased my water intake which made me feel like an absolute fish but eased the pain of the loo visit, my chemist also provided me with some herbal laxatives... The result was too slow so I actually went and bought some suppositories and that worked wonders...
Do make sure your drinking plenty of water to avoid the pain. I haven't tried fibre clear but may go invest in some to try it out if it doesn't interfere wit the ketosis.
hi there binni fibre clear is what lipotrim indorse themselves when u went to ur first weigh in the chemist should have asked u or offered it to u its about 8 pound a bit steep i no but helps big time if u get free perscription ask ur doctor 4 some thing not liquid as it tends 2 have sugar in it u can get brown granuales that look like coffee there hardly any cals in them cant remember what there called but it begins with mov hope thats some help x gina
I had this at the beginning.

Fibre clear will help, it's £4.95 from the pharmacy and will not affect ketosis - it is recommended by Lipotrim. It does take a while to work and is a bulking agent. It sounds like you are perhaps not drinking enough?

You can try something like Dulcolax - this is ok to take too and will give you 'relief' very quickly.

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Hiya Temmy,
I had the same problem and have trouble with my bowels and I gave up on the fibreclear as found it wasnt enuf and I like to go more than once ever 10 days! LOL! Anyway, I heard about psyillium husks on here and they are miracle workers!! You can get capsule form or just the husks themselves (looks like a grainy flour) - I got mine online and they cost pretty much the same.. you add a scoop to your shakes and it expands and you get a REALLY thick shake and you stay fuller for longer too!!! Makes the shakes very yummy indeed! I take it twice a day and I miss it in my 3rd shake its that yum!! LOL! Certainly does the trick byt expanding and holding water to your bowels... should grab some. You should be able to get free samples of fibreclear from chemist if u want to give it a go - I have about 10 sachets here but I dont use it....)
Hope thats of some help but if you are bunged then go for dulcolax to get you moving fast.. them the psyillium will ensure you stay that way. You need to have lots of water with it due to how much it draws in so dont drink it in a small amount of water - if its not in a shake then you also need a big glass of water with it.xxx

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