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I will never give up
I have had a pain in my left ribs just under my b**bs a few times now since being on the diet its a weird pain that when you breath in or lay back it gets worse ive had this pain before but about 8 years ago when i gave up smoking and i was getting it daily and someone told me that it was normal and that it was something to do with the lungs clearing out the mucus anyway was just wandering if anybody else has had this or might know why im getting it. Id appreciate your comments.
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On A Mission!
it could possibly be pain from constipation, your intestine starts around the area under your left rib. I know you said you have had it before but it could be worth mentioning to a doc. Also, have you ever had gallstones? the pain is normally under the right rib, but can also be felt under left rib and in your back
i dont want to frighten you, as it could be anything, but i had pain like that a few years ago after i had my daughter, it turned out to be pleurisy, the only time i felt relief was to lean forward with alot of cushions behind me to get comfortable, even to sleep,
maybe a check at the drs could give you some peace of mind.


I will never give up
thanks everyone its weird cos years ago it would come and go within a minute as long as you breathed slowly it would disappear but last week i had it for half n hour then last night it was a couple of hours and i went to bed with it i was wandering whether it was cos i ate yesterday and my body wasnt used to it as if it was something serious i thought ud get it regularly. what do you think?
No, I've never had anything like this while on the diets -- had you eaten anything last week? Just that if you had then it may be a sign of indigestion and your stomach not being used to food.

If it does happen again I'd get it checked out with your dr.


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Ive had it a few times but in my right hand side i just took it as trapped wind x


I will never give up
Thanks lets hope its just trapped wind

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