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Pain Relief


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I've got a stonking headache.

I'm on day 4. Had my first shake about an hour ago. I didnt get the sickness feeling this time, as I drank about 2 litres of water before hand.

I've got a bad head, and have just taken Paracetomol. Usually I always take ibruprofen, but I just thought, could this mess with my Ketosis etc, as they are coated in sugar?! Im guessing yes.
Wish Id thought sooner, as Ive been taking Brufen all week :mad:
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Hi Emma, I suffer from headaches, but amazily they have completely reduced! However, thinking in advance I phoned the LT helpline and enquired. You can have paracetomol and also effervasant (sp) co-codomol (which obviously contains paracetomol), so perhaps on your next lot you could try these. You get them from chemists and they work very quick due to them being diluted first. They really do help.

Headaches are a nightmare, but heres hoping that yours get better too. It must be the water and lack of crap were eating making them better. Stick with it, they do go.



Loves the jobs you hate!
Im a bit gutted, as I feel like Ive cheated somewhat, and that my first weigh in wont be a true reading.

Im feeling really doubtful in general, and Im dreading the weigh in on Friday.

I just SO want this to work :cry:
I know its a gutter, but dont worry cause I was reading one of the posts on here, where 2 sisters were doing it and one of them cheated but lost more than the one who didnt on her first week... she had eaten chicken legs or something... so dont panic.. you will be fine.
Oh god, now I want chicken legs!
Haha ....
Don't worry you will lose weight you havn't cheated and next week you won't be hungry
the first week i was so hungry the shakes didn't fill me up but in week 3 now i feel full for longer and not really tempted to eat

Debz x


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Hi Indie,

Just to put your mind at ease, I took Ibuprofen for the whole three weeks (2 wks tfr and 1 on refeed) and still managed to lose a stone and a half, and that was with the sweetened variety. I'm not saying it's ok to use them, but it didn't seem to make any difference in my case. If you can find an alternative as mentioned above, then feel free to do that as an extra precaution.

Good luck with your diet!



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Hi Indie,
Stay away from the chicken legs!!!
I too had to take neurofen as my back was so sore over the last few weeks, it didn't affect my weight losses. Lt does advocate parecetemol, however people take medicine prescribed by their G.P's for various reasons, with no problems. Hope you are taking in enough water, this will help with the headaches too. Best of luck.


Loves the jobs you hate!
. Hope you are taking in enough water, this will help with the headaches too. Best of luck.


Im averaging 4-5 litres per day.

I wake up with a sore head, and it just lingers all day..

Feeling quiye crappy today. The worst I've felt since starting on Sat. Feeling extremely tired, sluggish and just plain pooey. :(


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I usually get headaches with diets and with this diet my headaches stopped by the end of the first week. So you might not get it after a couple of days. I have always taken nurofen but as it is sugar coated I switched to paracetamol capsules. I dont know if it would have effected my diet but still worked the same.

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