PANIC OVER!!!!..(phewww)


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morning folks,
got up this morning with a splitting head so almost cancelled my appointment but went anyway!
dunno what i was stressing about he was busy typing the prescription out before id even sat down! .. tut
ended up chatting for a few Min's about me losing weight "that was nice" and he said that he personally had a 90% failure rate with xen and mostly from women! although its mostly women that ask for them "bigger ball's":rolleyes:, so that stands for nothing really!
dunno how that happened but lost weight over chrimbo, but ill not complain about that though for once:eek:
you know the cheeky sod said "another couple of months and ill just be in the "FAT" bracket, Mmmm that felt right nice! .. tut
but hey, thought id share that with ye all, got me pills!!
im away to walk the dog, take down the outside lights..... and make a giant pot of soup...:family2:...
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Yeah that's good pleased for you!! Well done xx


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Brilliant news mate!!!!! I would like to meet your Doc & show him not all women are failures on xen!!!!!!!!


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well done hon, bet your well pleased and feel a sigh of releif xx


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Fantastic news!