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Panicking...has it stopped working?

Somebody please slap me lol

Since only losing 2lbs last week (yes yes I know I shouldn't be disappointed :D) I've been weighing myself daily (again, I know I shouldn't :D) and the weight doesn't seem to be coming off :mad:

I've convinced myself that CD has suddenly stopped working, even though my rational self knows that physically I cannot not lose weight on so few calories, I'm sticking to it 100% and drinking 4l of water a day...

I'm feeling miserable and fed up!

Corinne x
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I know how you feel - I lost 10lbs last week but (as im a scale hopper) i know iv only lost 2- 3 lbs this week - seems alot of dizzyness and fatigue to go through for 2-3lbs!!
im a serial scale hopper too. esp when i stick to the diet . when i first started it i was getting up for the loo in the night , i would pee on a ketostix and then hop on the scales at around 4 am !!!!
sometimes i found i thought i was loosing nothing then get to my cdc and have shifted a few pounds. maybe the inches are melting away this week. keep at it
If you haven't cheated, I promise it's still working :D

Weight loss isn't linear. I've noticed that I stay the same weight (weighing in the the nud, first thing in the morning--good job OH is the only one to see me do this, not a pretty sight!) for several days in a row. The record has been 5 days, actually.

Then, just as I'm beginning to despair, on day 6, I'll drop 3 pounds, and then another pound on day 7--just in time for weigh in. Phew.

Don't panic!
Hi Corinne, I have my weigh in tomorrow and as far as I can see I have put ON a pound this week! I understand what everyone says about it all working out in the end but it is a bit disheartening isn't it? Still, we'll stick at it won't we???

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