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Do you mean how you'll feel when you step off and step back on? Or with how much weight you might gain/lose when you step on and off?


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The chances of being able to get back on and stick to it would be minimal. Plus you'd regain glycogen in the weeks you ate - to lose it again when you were back on SS.

Can I ask why you want to do it like this?? Why not start on 1500/1200 plan and work your way down until you are on 810 and will then go into ketosis. If you then want to SS it should be easier.


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You could part time SS by combining it with SS+, maybe look at alternating weeks - one week SS the other SS+, so you'll be having a 200cal green and white meal


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Dont do it. Stick to one or the other. You have to keep to it, or its sooo much easier to fail. Believe me, I have done it, and really regret not sticking to it 100% as I would of been at my goal now.
For you I think ss+ may be the answer for a few weeks, and see how you get on with that.
Good luck x