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I am going to a party tonight and I am being so good that I am taking my own food!

Have spent the afternoon making
Onion Bahjees - free
Chicken Strippers - free
Sausage balls - 1/2 syn for 3
Cucumber and Carrot sticks
Cheese and Onion dip - HexA for 1/2 the pot
Cucumber Raita - free
Chocolate Cakes - 1 1/2 syns for 2
Pineapple (if I have time to cut it up!)

Plus I had to cook the onion bajees, samosas and veg pakoras from Iceland for the "normal" people!!!

Better go and get dressed!!!
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You're very organised! It all sounds so delicious, enjoy the party :D


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Good on you:) I hope you have a fab time xx


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Here is the bahjee recipe

Here is the choc cake, I halved the recipe and made them into mini muffins (made 6 - 4 1/2 syns total and you can lick the bowl out!!!) then added a quark, vanilla extract and sweeter topping

For the sausage balls I got 2 morrisons sausages 1/2 syn each, squeezed out the meat and add some herbs mixed it up and made 6 balls and stuck in the over for 15 - 20 mins

For the chicken strippers, cut up strips of chicken and dusted with parprika and bunged in the oven with the sausage balls.

Tasted lovely, and had it not been for those damn lovely roasted nuts at the party I would have been in my syn allowance yesterday - :sign0007:


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very impressed with your organisation and the food sounds yummy! defo gona try to make the chocolate cakes when i get the ingredients in!



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Wow you have been busy!!

Thats a great idea to stay on track while celebrating!