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Snacks Passatta??


Gone fishing
I have loads of passata. It's very healthy stuff.

It's just ripened tomatoes, sieved, but a great base for tomato sauces for pastas.

More healthy that fresh tomatoes too...especially if you add olive oil (syned no doubt :D) to release the lycopene antioxidents


Gone fishing
Thanks i have a sieve somewhere :8855: do you just chop them up and squish them through the sieve :D

No, it's better to chew them then spit them through your teeth straight into a bowl before cooking. Mingled with saliva releases more of the goodies.

Check for any amalgam from loose teeth fillings as they can be a bit too crunchy and add nothing to the nutrient values.

Wasted calories ;)
Yes it is.
I get Asdas own cheapy one and its rather nice and cheap!!!
I generally use mine for syn free bolognase, curries, and warmed with garlic and herbs for a pizza topping!


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You buy passata next to the tinned tomatoes. It comes in tetra-pak boxes and sometimes glass jars. I always keep some in. Great for making tomato sauces, especially when one tin of tomatoes isn't quite enough, but you don't want to add another one. I made a tomato/vegetable pasta sauce the other night. It had one tin of chopped tomatoes and about half a box of passata (plus all the vegetables and herbs, etc) and it was fab!


Desperate to be slim!
Last night after WI I came home starving to make a quick omelette to find my partner had eaten all but 1 egg... not happy!!!
Instead I cooked some pasta, and made a quick sauce using pasatta and it was lovely!
Onion and garlic cooked, add mushrooms, passatta, cook through, a few dried herbs, grilled bacon chopped up and thrown in with the pasta, and there was our dinner in about 12 minutes flat! (The time the pasta took!)
I always have passata for times like that, and for chilli, curry, bolognase etc.

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