Paul McKenna's Hypnotic Gastric Band

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  1. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    Is anyone else doing this? I'm thinking of starting the preparation tomorrow - though I dread eating low sugar & low fat for a week or two.. Would love to hear from others so we can discuss our experiences & keep each other motivated!
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  3. Lisa-Lisa

    Lisa-Lisa Silver Member

    I bought this today! But Im doing SW at the moment so need time to get my head around whether I'm going to just stick to SW or do both or just the hypno I've not fully decided and I've not even started to read the book either, it was bought on an impulse because Paul Mckenna helped me quit smoking 4 years ago :) would be interested to see how you get on and what you think of it though x
  4. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    Hey Lisa. I only got the book yesterday myself. Read it all in one sitting! I'd say you could do SW for the preparation weeks but he says you can't diet & do his methods properly because they contradict each other or something. You'll see it in the book - he explains it better! You could always do SW until it stops working for you, then move on to the gastric band. Its definitely worth the read anyway - the 99% success rate is what tempted me!! I've a diary on here for my McKenna stuff. So i'll be updating it when i can! Here's the link if you want to check & see how its working for me (it better bloody work!):
  5. Lisa-Lisa

    Lisa-Lisa Silver Member

    I've subscribed to your diary and will follow it with interest. I'm into week 5 of SW and it is working its just me thats working against it, even though I'm really trying hard not to. I like eating the way I do on SW even though admittedly I'm getting well fed up of green days, but I've developed a serious sweet tooth recently and this is a shock to me because Ive always been a savoury person, so rather than driving myself insane trying to refrain from eating my own body weight in chocolate knowing eventually I'm going to fail because I'm only human I wouldn't mind trying something subliminal plus I think in the back of my mind I want a change before I start to get reallly fed up and just car crash off the track and put back on the little amount I've lost, that's usually the pattern for me anyway x
  6. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

    I've been doing this for a week and it's been amazing. I've lost 4lbs and lost all want to binge and eat rubbish. I have halved my portion sizes and it is like a breath of fresh air. I would do it asap, i didn't bother with the week before, and it still worked!
  7. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    I'm the exact same - i'm on a different diet every month! I did SW, and i'm probably the only person it never worked for! It seems like its gonna be good anyway!

    And you didn't do the prep week? Ah thats great! Were you already eating healthily then though? Oh i can't wait to install the band!
  8. juju_doll

    juju_doll juju_doll

    Nope. I was binge crazy. Trying to be good for a week was the problem!! So I just went for it.
  9. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    Oh thank God!! I'm hoping to be the same as you. My post-attempted-prep binge consisted of 3 snack bars - nothing compared to my usual binge. Though i'm still debating getting a takeaway... :-/
  10. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    I did it last night but fell asleep before the end of the first cd. Wonder whether to try again tonight? Any thoughts? Great loss btw!
  11. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    I'll be listening to it as much as possible but its totally up to you. Falling asleep is fine 'cause your unconscious mind hears what it needs to!
  12. Crunchy

    Crunchy Full Member

    I'm starting this tomorrow, giving up SW / diets for good. Have high hopes I can do this. Good luck everyone

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  13. happy&healthy

    happy&healthy Full Member

    I have ordered this book, I can't wait I really hope this works for me because diets are defintately working at the moment I cant stick to anything at all. I did try his previous programme and couldn't really stick to it but a lot of reviewers on amazon mentioned that the previous didn't work for them and this one did. So I am super excited and i hope it arrives today!! How's it going for everyone?
  14. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    I've recently (4 weeks ago)' read and listened to Paul Mckennas Hypnotic gastric band.. I was and still am sceptical, as I simply don't believe in mumbo jumbo rubbish.. But I honestly have to say, something's happening..

    i have been on every diet known to man, from lighter life to fad diets.. Some I lost a little weight, but it never stayed off, and I just doubled what I'd lost.

    i am obese, but this new way of eating seems to be working...

    I have lost over 30lb in the last four weeks, and I feel fantastic.

    Normally I would eat a sandwich whilst making one!.. And be constantly eating others leftovers, and munching thru crisps etc, and thinking nothing of eating a full meal, then scoffing bread whist ensconced in the kitchen.

    But this has stopped, completely... I can just manage to eat half a sandwich, or 1 slice of toast for breakfast, then I fill full the whole day, then I will cook a normal meal, and dish mine up on a side plate, and I'd be lucky if I manage to eat half of it, whereas normally I would eat at least 5 toast for breakfast with eggs bacon etc, then lunch with crisps, and a dinner 4 times the size that I can manage now....

    I have also started to make healthier options.. Now previous salad was no friend of mine.. If it were walking towards me, I would cross the road!...but now, I simply love it!, and can't figure out why.

    also, previously I would drink at least 2 litres of diet Pepsi a day, now I thought this was fine, as it was diet...but after recent news reports claiming that the sweeteners used, makes your body produce sugar, which in fact turns to fat, making you gain weight, I have completely stopped drinking it, yet 5 weeks ago, when the news reports were rife, and I wasn't using the hypnotic gastric band, I didn't care for stopping drinking the diet Pepsi.. But now, I am making healthier options, and it's all down to the hypnotism.

    quite a few of my family members are doing this and are doing well, and my husband has lost over 3 stone too....

    give it a try, you've nothing to lose.

  15. happy&healthy

    happy&healthy Full Member

    wow that is amazing, go you!!! Im still waiting for my book - today hopefully, I cant wait to get started!
  16. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    Thank you...Ive got a long road to travel...!But I am adament that I will do it this time..Ive lost a lot of special moments, and missed some wonderful outings and holidays due to my size... but I am positive nothing will stop me now...

    I showed my husband a list of things I want to do as the weight falls off, he has started saving!
  17. lisa_swims

    lisa_swims Member

    That is me and WW! :D Everyone I know lost tons on it.
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  18. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    Please keep going mrshh... I've just had my 4th weekly weigh in.....and I lost 12lb..... So it's 42lb overall... In just under 5 weeks.... Admittedly, I'm a very big girl.... But unashamedly, not as big as 5 weeks ago!

    if you think your slipping.... Just listen to the cd again...

    still overjoyed at this weeks loss, can hardly type for crying with glee.... And to think, every single night I help myself to 4 malteasers, which a thoroughly enjoyed!...

    i know this wont work for some people, but I've never lost so much weight, 2 stone was my previous largest loss.... I've got such a boost now.. Nothing's going to stop me.xxxxxxxx
  19. lisa_swims

    lisa_swims Member

    I found it on itunes for $9.99. Can you do it without the book? Thank you :)
  20. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    The book needs to be read before you listen to the cd, or it won't work properly ... I can't do it hour my book
  21. lisa_swims

    lisa_swims Member


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