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Paul,s weight loss journey

Why did I start this diary ? I started it to track my progress and maybe help someone else.

I decided to get my health back in order after my split up with my wife which has been very stressful. I am the type of person that eats when stressed:sigh:,I just love chocolate and nuts. I have put on over 30 lbs since my separation and have felt like poo. So rather then wallow in self pity I have decided to get my ass back in gear.:)
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Thanks for the support.

I guess I am your typical 50 year old, fat and out of shape lol. I have started to exercise this week. I am going on longer walks with my dog, up to a hour long. I have the 10 minute trainer program that I intend to start next week.
Food Journal

I think it will be a good idea to post what I eat:D
So here is today's,
Breakfast: sweet potatoes, broccoli and cheddar patties. 2 eggs. Pam.

Lunch: Baked potatoes and beans

Supper: Bubble and squeak, pork chop, gravy and sweet corn.

Snacks: apple, large orange and 12 almonds.

So far I have not been hungry on the slimming world program. I have been getting my recipes from over at slimmingeats.com:)Great place highly recommended.
Good for you for getting it together Tech1960. A break up is a big knock and you've done well to start to turn it around. Your food diary sounds good - except for the sweet potatoes and broccoli for breakfast - I can barely face my muesli!! (However yours is a very healthy option I hasten to add!)

i've just 'spoken' to you on Last Attempt's thread, didn't notice you had a diary!..so hello and welcome (again! ) :D

You've got the right positive attitude to succeed and that, and in my opinion that is half the battle. Having something to focus on after a sad break up is a great idea, well done you!

I like the look of your food choices too. You make my breakfast choices look so boring now, lol.

Walking is good exercise and I have recently discovered a new found love of it!!! Good luck wih the trainer programme next week.

I post my menu every day in my diary, it really helps me to look back an see what actually works for me. This is definately my final attempt at losing the weight, I have failed so many times, been trying to lose weight for half of my life so far!!!! I reckon I have but as i've said a few times on here, I've fallen off the wagon so many times, I have a bruised backside!!!!! :D This time, I will deal with any blips in a different more positive manner.

You will receive loads of support and advice on here, I look foward to chatting with you, keep posting... and remember, onwards and downwards :)

When are you planning to weigh in? There a few of us who face it every monday, others midweek etc.
There are many men on here, so they will also be pleased to welcome you on board.

Have a nice evening.
May 12 food journal

Here is what I will be eating today,

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on 2 pieces of whole wheat bread and 4 rashers of bacon.

Dinner: Steak,onions, mushrooms and sw home fries/chips.

Supper: huge mixed green salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumber and herring fillets.

Snacks: Large orange and pear.:D
thanks for your support on my thread :) Your meals sound yummy today..enjoy!

I read that you like chocolate and nuts, maybe if you 'reward' yourself say at the weekend, with a wee bag of maltesers or something similar, you won't crave them. 'speaking from experience' lol :D

have a good day, good luck :)
Today is my last night:sigh: I find nights hard, I get cravings for chocolate,its just so easy to eat the wrong things. Anyone have any ideas ? I need to find more willpower. I have been ok so far and have not cheated but its early days. I am eating loads more, my pants feel looser today. I have resisted the urge to weigh myself, I dont wont my weight loss journey to become obsessive and take over my life. Hopefully this will be positive for my kids as well, I will have them back for 2 months in 6 weeks time and I cant wait.:D
Last night was hard, had a real craving for something sweet.:cry:

Here's today's food, 13 May 2011.

Breakfast: poached eggs on 2 pieces of whole wheat toast.

Dinner: Cheese omelette,salad and sw fries.

Supper: Savoury rice served over a bed of spinach.

Snacks: bowl of strawberries and blue berries.

Lots of water and tea/coffee.

Exercise: Walking my dog roxy.:D
hello Paul

hope you are feeling okay, it is so difficult to cut out everything we are used to eating in the early days..and nights! I found evenings the most difficult to adjust to, but I tried to keep my hands and mind occupied until the craving passed. I went for baths, showers, walks, early nights etc to stop the cravings or the hunger!!! :rolleyes:
I have more of a savoury craving than a sweet one, but many on here will advice you of what they do to adjust to sweet cravings. How about fruit? like grapes or satsumas, sugar free jelly? a milky way? or maltesers? are not too sinful lol, low fat ice cream?, tinned fruit in their own juice? there will be others that I can't think of at the moment :eek:
How lovely to have your kids visiting, that will give you something to focus on and aim for, you can make a big difference in 2 months and they will be very happy to have a healthier, fitter dad..though you don't have too much to lose (lucky man!) so it is definately 'do-able' with sensible choices and a truck load of willpower and determination... and you will no doubt be kept busy, active and occupied when they are with you...so a win win situation :)
Good luck! and have a lovely and successful day..and night!
Thanks Rainbow Rose,

I have not been using many of my syns:D

You have given me some great choices. I will browse through the forums over the weekend to see if i can pick up more ideas. Its been a very good week for me so far:) and am very pleased with my own willpower:D
Thanks for the support.

I seem to be coming down with something, I woke up with a very sore throat:sigh:

It was my first day off shift yesterday and it was a bit of a challenge. I so crave sweet things:cry:I scoffed a ripe banana which seemed to cure things.

Breakfast: home made hash browns, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and toast.

Dinner: Cheese and onion omelette, mixed veg salad.

Supper: pork chop, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Snacks: bowl of mixed berries and 12 almonds.

I am looking forward to my weigh in on Monday. Its been a really good week.
Hope you feel better soon. :)

Well done on surge of willpower! menu sounds yummy as usual...enjoy your day :)

Just realised you are in canada, how fantastic! When did you emigrate?
sorry you are not feeling too good. hope you feel better soon. im just getting over a cold.it seems to be going around.

Pleased you a feeling a bit better. Not long until the first weigh in for you, how are you feeling about it? I'll keep my fingers crossed all day tomorrow for you, as you are in a different time zone from the rest of us :)

14 years in canada? wow, how fab!

Have a lovely day :)

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