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paulas diary

Day 1 in my non bingeing house yippee.It feels fab not to of binged today.
Breakfast.2 toast and tin beans
lunch.jacket pot tuna pasta and salad
tea.2 sices of tast with marmite and salad and a packet of walkers lights
snacks apple and ww sweets.
26 points
Does anyone know what will happen to my weight loos because of sole sourcing.I have really felt in control today .thanks guys for all your support.I spent a couple of hours earlier on here looking t all your threads.I noticed someone had been banned ,how on earth do you get banned from a weight loss sight lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)
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finding my way again !
if your carefull about your carb intake, gradually increasing it you shouldn't be too bad, but as Sandy says it'll even itself out
good luck
i'm on day 2
Thanks pandora and nails.It feels fab not to binge.I have a real big big problem with bingeing.It feels nice eating again.Everyone seems really friendly on here so thanks guysxx:)
Well today has been good again
Breakfast.2 slices of wholemeal toast marmite and salad.
Lunch .Jacket potato salad crab sticks.
Tea .mushroom chow mein yippee
few gins yippee. 26 points
No bingeing again .
A couple of times today i thought "oh i fancy sommat to eat" but just said to myself ,at least your not ss and your eating.xxxxx:)
Must be great to be eating after ssing! The first few days on any diet are the hardest (in my opinion) so you're doing well - keep it up! x
thanks marie,ive just eaten my chowmein it was gorgeous.Im going to my friends tommorrow in nottingham shes so pleased i can eat.how are you doing marie do you find it easy?xx:)


finding my way again !
sounds like you've had a good day Paula. I know what you mean about being lovely to eat after SSing, just try not to go haywire on all the flavours you are re-experincing, like i did :eek:
i feel alot happier.Im starting some councilling next week aboutmy bingeing.He said to me its not my weight thats the problem its the crap in my head i need to sort out.That will take some bloody sorting ha ha xx:)


finding my way again !
i meant eating all the foods you havn't had whilst SSing, you know "i just want to taste chocolate, or cheesecake, or bread or ....." do you know what i mean now ?
hi guys,thanks pandora yeah i know what you mean i could easy become a woman possesed ha ha .Im off to nottingham in about an hour till tommorrow so i will report after that.Have a good weekend xx:)
hi everyone.I really missed posting on here over the weekend .im just reading them all to catch up.Hows everyone doing?i didnt do to bad but dont expect to do fab either.I dont feel any lighterx:)

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