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Paws' diary: another 2.5lbs lost


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I've never written an online diary before, so here goes!

I am 34 years old, and have been overweight most of my adult life. I first went to WW 9 years ago. It worked for me and I lost about 2 stones and was pretty slim!

I have yo-yo'd since then, gaining and losing, but always gaining more than I lost. A familiar story? Definitely but it has to end somewhere, and that place is here and now.

I returned to my local WW class on Wednesday (4.7.2007), and to my horror I weighed 15st 4.5lb. My goal weight is 12 stone, so that is a bit of a facing.

I got my wonderful husband to take pictures of me in bra and knickers (humiliation complete!) and took my measurements. I will do this once a month. My life HAS to change.

I am writing everything down that I am eating and trying to be careful but not obsessive.

I am a big comfort eater, but have recently spent time with a counsellor to try and get to the bottom of my self loathing and low self esteem, and so I am starting to feel better mentally about this journey I have started. The problem is, I spent that long eating what do I do instead?!?:confused:

I am not really expecting any replies to this diary, but do find it reassuring that there are others out there who are also battling food demons and also have weight to lose. My knees are starting to ache, I worry about the effects of being obese has on my fertility, and I want to feel sexy and attractive for my husband.

Weigh in on Wednesday!
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Welcome to WW!! You'll get plenty replies to your diary, we're a right nosey *ahem* I mean very supportive ;) bunch!!

Sounds like youve made a good start. The monthly photos are a great idea. I do that too and although you may not see a difference in yourself, when you compare photos its amazing and a real boost.

Look forward to hearing how you get on :)


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Yes, that's my little angel:D
Yours look gorgeous too, how old are they?

Mine are 14 now but that picture was taken almost 2 years ago

They are collies - is yours a smooth coat collie or something else? I can't quite tell from the picture


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Mine are 14 now but that picture was taken almost 2 years ago

They are collies - is yours a smooth coat collie or something else? I can't quite tell from the picture
I would say mine was smooth coated, it is quite long and very soft to touch, makes him very cuddly!


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First weigh in tomorrow

It's my first weigh in tomorrow, and I've got a feeling that a haven't lost any weight. Made the mistake of hopping on the scales this morning and discovered that I weigh the same as last week. :(

Knew I shouldn't have done that! :mad:

I'm a bit p*ssed off because I have been really good this week and really tried, if I haven't lost I will be gutted. I just hope this is not my body's way of making me pay for all the previous years of yo-yo dieting. I think it is so important to have a loss on your first weigh in to motivate you.

Oh well, roll on tomorrow evening! :cry:
Those scales are the tools of the devil!! Dont let todays mini wi put you off. Ive been quite disheartened on the (rare) occasions Ive had a pre wi check but then pleasantly surprised when it came to my official wi! My scales now live at my parents house so I can only check once a week lol

I hope you have a great result tomorrow, it really does help keep you motivated, doesnt it :)

Good luck and be sure and let us know how you get on


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Weigh in tonight...

And lost 5lbs! :D

I am really pleased and amazed because I really thought I had lost nothing.

I am now on the road to weight loss and it feels really good!!

Thanks to all for support so far.


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Well done PAWS, what a great first week. 2 more pound and you'll have your first silver 7 (assume that's the same at all WW meetings and not just mine ?). Never thought I'd get excited about a sticker LOL ! Keep up the good work and let us know how you are doing.


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On the back of my 5lbs weight loss, I have had a terrible day for eating bad things!

2 large kit-kats and a penguin just for starters.:eek:

I must not let this spoil the rest of the week.

Does anyone else have days like this I wonder???


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O yes, I for one have days like that - usually Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and occasionally Sundays !! LOL.

Most weeks I am a part time dieter - 3 days on and 4 days off which is why it has taken my 6 months to loose 18.5lbs !

However, I still love weight watchers and seriously believe it works if you stick at it.

Despite the slow loss I have gone down probably 1.5 dress sizes (if thats possible but you know what I mean, 16s are bit baggy now and i was an 18) and have lost plenty of inches. Still a way to go but on the whole still positive about this plan and believe I will eventually succeed.

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