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pcos and lipotrim?

I also have PCOS aswell as an Underactive Thyroid so would be interested in the answer.

I`m guessing it should help??

Good Luck with it all Xx
At the moment im only guessing thats what ive got after a hour conversation with a doctor on the phone they told me to go to my local GP and they refer me to a consultant and for a scan/blood tests.

I only came off the pill in October after being on it for 15 yrs (since i was 15) so theyve said my symptoms would never show as the pill regulates the symptoms?

Do you mind me asking how it affects you? (sorry if its a personal question i totally understand if you dont want to discuss it)

I couldn`t take the pill due to migraines and it making me ill but even so, Due to the PCOS there is a 10 yr gap between my son and my daughter. (tho Thyroid prob plays a part in that too).

I was prescribed Metformin and within 6 weeks lost a stone and a half and was pregnant ;)

I was dx with Cancer at 16 weeks pg tho, So I do wonder just how much of the WL was due to the Metformin or that :(

I have the excess hair, weight gain, pain in my ovary, heavy periods etc

Mine was dx with blood tests and a scan

Good Luck at the Drs Xxxxx
Thanks hun for the reply, sorry to hear you was diagnosed with cancer that must have been a really awful time, i hope all is well now?, well done with the weight loss too, just looking at your signature youve done amazing, i love looking at peoples tickers and seeing how well i could possibly do in a few weeks!!
I have PCOS and yes the diet will make the symptoms less they do say that the weight loss can me less if you have pcos but mine has been fab and i have lost 25lb in 6 weeks my periods are regular for the first time ever and losing weight eases PCOS lots i tryed all diets to try and lose but all no good as i would stop losing after a stone i hope this helps i just think this diet has done me the world of good for my PCOS and wish i had found it years ago x
what are syptoms of pcos? and how do you know if you have it?

and whats your thyroid lol :p

sorry to be thick:eek:
wow thats fab 25lb in 6 weeks??! keep up the good work hun , i hope im in the same boat as you in 6 weeks time!!
symptoms are irregular period weight gain and hard to lose weight can have facial hair cysts on overies and find it hard to concive and heavy periods i was dignosed with tests and a scan x
for me ive alot of things that have changed since october, my perids are very irregular (im currently 51 days??), ive mood swings, tired all the time, rapid weight gain, pains in my stomach etc..

its not been diagnosed properly as yet, ive just had a phonecall with my private health care GP

and ive been trying for a baby for months with no luck :eek:(
Collette ask them to check ur Thyroid too as they`re the same symptoms ;)

Again, Good Luck!!

@me, Yes i`m ok for now thanks :D

Thanks re the WL too :) I managed most of it alone then tried the Xenical but wasn`t much point as I ate so healthy anyway hence trying the LT ;)

LiSe Xx
Will do cheers hun, i'll let you know how i get on tomorrow, its amazing how much time i have free now im not eating haha!


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Snap @ jonsey

I have the exact of what she has described.

My side of the coin is fertility related, I have been trying for 1.5 year and have not been able to concieve. I knew I had PCOS before my doctor even diagnosed it as I did alot of research on it previously.
I have irregular periods such as once every 3-4 months and mainly it lasts for over 3 weeks. My latest scans have shown that I am not ovulating which was a major blow. My doctors have said that they can do nothing for me until I lose weight. The funny thing is I am 10kg over what they need me to be. They have said that weight is what triggers PCOS and PCOS is the reason I am not ovulating. Also PCOS is the reason I am putting on the weight. :)

so i need to eliminate the weight to get rid of the pcos which is the cause of the weight lmao.

I started this diet and the only thing that keeps me going is the memory of me crying my eyes out on the way back from the doctors.
If my weight is stopping me from concieving then it is coming off.
Just thought I'd join in here & say I have PCOS too. I don't suffer all that much with it, the only thing that really bothers me is the hair! However, my doctors are worried about putting me on a pill that might actually help because of my weight, so, it might help a bit!

Bit off topic, but has anyone had the excess hair dealt with successfully?

I was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago, took metformin for a little while, went on the pill for a couple of years but nothing else.

My weight loss on LT has been brilliant though, and when I've tried the GI diet that has also definitely helped me to lose a little and certainly not put on weight - so that's something i will be looking to follow a bit more when i do finish LT.

I'm guessing my PCOS must be mild, though i do have some excess hair it seems to have decreased recently (esp facially which is great!)
Hiya went docs this morning, shes doing me a referal letter for a private consultant and has recommended they check for thyroid problems, aneama, diabeties and a scan for pcos, she said it could be a combination of a few things but as i can go private to get it all done at the same time, shes writing me the letter monday so im going to ring the womans health section at aviva and get things rolling


on another note lost 7lbs since monday on my weigh in today, yey!


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Good for you Colette, get yourself checked out and if you have any probs then once they are sorted out you will feel much better.
hopefully shouldnt take too long to do the tests and the scan, im not too well up on these things but im hoping that work paying private medical insurance for me for 3 yrs will finally have a benefit, the doctor said NHS would probably be about 8 weeks for a scan?
Private is usually very quick, I waited ages on NHS!

When they thought my cancer was back I needed another scan and I went privately as it was taking so long and I managed to have my scan AND go back for the results WEEKS before I even got a scan date through on NHS :sigh:

Good Luck Xx

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