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  1. RachieB

    RachieB A thin person in disguise


    I have read about so many lovely people on here that although we are all suffering at last I don't feel alone. However, last night was the worst!! I got myself in such a state because after 10 months of being on ww I've not lost weight, I have actually gained!! I have lost 5 stone with LL but due to personal circumstance I can't afford to go back.

    Ive recorded all my food and drink choices for the last 10 months even when i have exceeded my calorie requirements, which haven't been too often. I exercise, have low blood pressure, but have PCOS. My periods are really heavy and uncomfortable but the weight isn't shifting. I am so desperate at the moment that I sobbed last night because I can't be this big forever; I've 5 stone to lose.

    I have gotten myself into such a state of confusion; I have been dieting since I was 14 and now I am vastly approaching my 39 birthday. Can anyone help?

    Thank you xx
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  3. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Hello, and have a hug :bighug:

    If you are sure you are eating fewer calories than you need most of the time, there may be some problem a doctor can help you with if you're still not losing weight over a long period of time.

    There are other issues like ensuring you get enough water, fibre and calcium, but over 10 months if your calories are lower than you need then you should be losing weight. It might be slower with PCOS and particularly if you have done low calorie diets in the past (as that can slow down your metabolism in the long term), but you should still lose over the long term if you eat fewer calories than you need.

    So to be honest I would suggest talking to the doctor if you haven't already and taking some sample food diaries with you. There might be a problem as well as PCOS, such as thyroid issues, which can be helped with medication.

    Other than that, it might be worth looking up a low GI diet online. This is good for people with PCOS as it helps keep the blood sugar stable.

    Finally, does WW promote calorie counting? I can see how it would be helpful especially if you are sticking to the WW plan and don't understand why you're not losing. But I know some people on Slimming World find that trying to combine SW and calorie counting is counterproductive for them, and they find it easier to just stick to one or the other completely.

    Good luck!
  4. RachieB

    RachieB A thin person in disguise

    Hi Gwella

    Thank you for your post I track all my food on myfitnesspal as wearing a fitbit wristband to ensure that I am tracking all my food and activities. I set my calorie deficit to 15-20% lower than my TDEE. I have tried WW pro pointing and exercise and was putting on weight (body fat not muscle). I know I was putting on body fat as I have fat monitor scales which show what is fat and what is muscle.

    I haven't tried ww filling and healthy so that is what i am starting on Monday. I am just tired of trying to lose weight to only get bigger!! I did lose 5 stone through Lighterlife but I can't afford it now and it terrifies me remembering what I put myself through; sadly I wasn't one of those people who felt really good in ketosis.

    Sorry to reply with a long post but I am running out of options.

    Hope you are having a great day and looking froward to the weekend

    Thanks again xxx
  5. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Speak to your doctor lovely. You are working your hardest and doing fabulous work.

    The best thing to do is to take the information you have (ie your records) and have a full and frank discussion with the doctor. You may need a test - perhaps it's your thyroid? :)
  6. RachieB

    RachieB A thin person in disguise

    Hi Princess

    Thank you for your lively post. I've had all my blood work done and everything is fine, even my cholesterol the only thing that is a problem is my weight. My GP won't help me any further as they say I am healthy and low risk to cardiovascular disease.

    Put another 2lbs on since my last post so off to Exante to skip. Ouch!!!

    Hope you are ok? Xx
  7. telly-tots

    telly-tots Member


    It's such a shame that your doctor is not more supportive, I am lucky that mine is and tht she has prescribed me metformin and Orlistat to try to help me with my weight. That said I am still overweight and have 3-4 stone to lose but my doctor said that she thinks I need all the help that I can just to stay the same, never mind lose weight.

    Hugs xx
  8. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Can you ask for a second opinion? Something is clearly wrong and you need help to keep losing weight for your own health!
  9. RachieB

    RachieB A thin person in disguise


    I do agree and I am thinking about doing it but as always I am fearful that they will be even more unhelpful

    However, I think after 10 months of ww and 8 years of being told 'sort yourself out' it is time to question and seek further advice

    Thank you for kind support. Are you ok? Is all well with you and your journey?
  10. RachieB

    RachieB A thin person in disguise

    Hi telly tot

    Your dr sounds really understanding.

    Like previous said I am going to take another opinion

    Thank you xx
  11. Fallen8905

    Fallen8905 Member

    For people with pcos they best diet is a low carb diet (due to the insulin resistance) or a low gi diet. I am on a low carb diet and losing hun where I was yo-yo dieter before xx
  12. RachieB

    RachieB A thin person in disguise

    Hey Fallen

    Thank you for your post. Do you calories count as well as low carving?

    I've just started low carving but I am wondering whether to reduce calories as well (below 1500 and I'm 6ft)

  13. Fallen8905

    Fallen8905 Member

    Nope I am just low carbing hun xx
  14. RachieB

    RachieB A thin person in disguise

    Sorry Fallen to ask this but how's your weight loss? Are you experiencing good results? Are you hungry?

    As you can probably tell I am desperate as I am fed up of being the biggest person in any given room and would like to exercise but find it too difficult on my joints

    Thank you for your support xxx
  15. gracefruit

    gracefruit Member

    You need low carb, I have tried the conventional diet of low fat, calorie counting, they never work. I think it is the insulin resisitant. You need to get get that carb down to 50-70g to see sucesss, even lower than 50g if you have a lot to loose.
    I gained only 10lb with my last pregnancy with carb counting with my dietician ( i had gestational diabetes on both occassion) as opposed to 25lb in the 1st. I stayed around 80-100g carb, but went back to conventional diet after delivey and gained a little bit more. The problem is I love carb, but it is really the enemy for pcos.
  16. gracefruit

    gracefruit Member

    I forgot to add, I also calorie count as well as low carb. You need to determine you BMR( fitness pal should help you with this) and start with deficit of 200 - 300 calories. So let say bmr is around 1800, try taking in 1500-1600 calories with 50-60g carbohydrate daily and see how you get on with this. This has given me a steady loss when followed, although I am going to vlcd to try and move a stone over the next 6wks and I will be going back to low carb after.
    Hope this help
  17. Sway

    Sway New Member

    Hi RachieB

    I have PCOS and have suffered with it for years, struggled with lots of attempts on all different diets finally for me with a combination of metformin and slimming word (extra easy-low carb choices) it's finally coming off. Not only this but I feel hardly any anxiety, moods improved, feeling rested after sleep, clear brain (goodbye to foggy thinking!) lost 10.5 in 5 weeks. The tricks for me...I needed to eat much more! Sounds crazy I know lol. I now fill my plate with salad and veggies. I have a teeny bowl of cereal for fibre each day but avoid bread, pasta, rice etc. all my tummy upsets have calmed down and I actually feel full, keeping my blood sugar level means I don't crave or need those sweet hits. Used to be terrible! If you can't afford to go to a club, up your 'free' foods (salad, veggies, extra lean meats, lots of fish, vegtable protein) and eat regularly. Drink more water and drop the carbs even brown.

    Good luck and huge, huge hugs xxx

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