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pcos struggle

well once again i am starting the cd.done it once before and lost lots got down to ten n half st.but unfortunatly have piled it back on. ihave suffered with pcos from 15 but was diagnosed approx 4 years ago now.weight is a struggle as u know and all the extra hair is a nightmare. lucky for me i recive laser and i must say wow working wonders i can now where my hair up still with make up but it a life changer for me... i have been put on metformin now so just wait and see and hopefully awaiting another pill to help with hair so fingers crossed. it was nice to read others that suffer and u are not alone even tho u feel like it all the time. after losing weight i was lucky once again to have a tum tuck and breast lift. but feel a failure due to weight gain. once agian the joys of pcos and it just so easy to come on and so hard to get off arghhhhh i will succeed i must. once again i am lucky enough to of had 2 lovely children which i concived when i was 20st plus so it amazing . my highest weight was 26st weighed in and i am sure i weighed more. i lost this weight all myself with no aids . just took forever and finished off weight loss with cd which was 2 1/2 st once agin took a while not as fast as quote the normal lady. so going back up to this weight is very upsetting as u can imagine .and what with easter coming lol gotta laugh or ya shall cry as they say. i hoping finding this forum will help me see it through as in hunger logg on here and write away and i hope to support any one else with the same trouble . at the end off the day we are human being we live and breath like any one else we just struggle a bit. i look forward to talking to new people and if u have any question which i may or may not be able to answer i will do my best. hugs xxriexx:p
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Hey there, just wanted to say hi and well done for getting back on the diet horse. I have had trouble with ovarian cysts but don't have a diagnosis of pcos. So I have a fair idea of what you are going through.

Good luck with it all!!!
Hi there,
I've got PCOS and completley understand where your comming from! I'm on metformin too but i never seem to take it! Im doing the Slimfast diet as i cannot afford the CD but good luck with it.

Ive managed to concieve 1 my beautiful baby girl at a weight of around 18st so i hope as i lose weight over the next year to help my body a little more fertile for a few years time .

Its sooo disheartening to lose the weight then put it back on, but you've lost it before so you're not delving into the unknown and you know its an acheivable goal!

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