People who have got to target. .what next


I want to be fitter again
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Hi everyone
just so I can gain a little insight, I was hoping that some of you who have got to target and have stayed there for a few months could let us know how you modified the diet to work for you. I'm interested to know if you increased your healthy extras or had more free foods or something completely different. Does your weight fluctuate much each week?
Thank you xx
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I havnt added any HEA's, i follow the plan as usual but allow my self an extra dessert when out, or a treat here and there. I find that allowing myself to gain 2lbs one week, really enjoying myself, then pulling it back the next week, then relaxing again the next, works for me.. trying to stay at the one weight is stressful and near impossible! xx


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On 23rd it will be 2 months since I reached target.
I have added syns, sometimes HEXs and so far have still lost every week except one pound gain over Christmas, and 1 STS.
I re-targeted as I was 4.5 pounds under target, and I still lost 0.5 last week.
This week I am having 2 meals out, and am going to class them as flexi syn days. I also have had at least 20 syns each day.
I will be more than surprised if I don't have a gain.
I am finding it a bit difficult as I don't want to over indulge and get back to bad habits. I really am comfortable eating the way I am now, and am not intentionally trying to lose weight. I have given up snacking, even on free foods, just for the sake of snacking. I only eat when I am hungry and I want to keep it that way.
For the first few months of joining SW I stuck to plan 100% and my weight loss was slow but since I decided to eat only when hungry I have had so much more success!
It is hard finding a happy medium, but I'll get there, and hopefully my body will decide what is right and maintain!


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I'm with Fern. I follow the plan as normal but have a day or two off and don't worry about it. I never increased my syns or HEX's or changed portion sizes and I've never stayed the same weight for more than 3 weeks!
We eat out or with friends far too much to not have any fluctuations and since Christmas I have been struggling to get back to my target. I'm now back in Target Zone but only just.

I find being at Target hard work, but I have been there for 2 years in July. I put most of it down to continuing to go to group each week. I never miss one and this really helps.

You will find what suits you. If you don't go out much or are not partial to an indulgent meal each week then increase your HEX's but if you are then you may find it better to stick to the plan normally but have the day off or not worry too much.

Roz V

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My advice would be the same as Fern and Jaylou. You will find that you will automatically relax a little bit just because you've "got there", so IF I ever get back to target I will NOT add ANYTHING on a DAILY basis!

Sorry if that sounds a bit depressing, but real life takes care of the 'extras', without making any changes! A few in my group have, like malaika, continued to lose, but they are the exceptions.

I would sincerely advise you to carry on just as you are, and see how you get on. I wouldn't change ANYTHING until you've stabilized at target for a few weeks. I'm sure that you will find that your weight will fluctuate even if you think you are doing the same things. Only when you've maintained for a good few weeks would I make any changes, and only then only tiny ones, but you'll have more idea what it takes to maintain by then.

I do think that going to class each week is very necessary. It's only that discipline that has kept me from ending up back where I started, and Hubby has also struggled a bit to stay within range.

Do hope that I've not depressed you too much, but many, many congratulations on what you have achieved so far, ESPECIALLY last weeks loss - 2lbs at this stage is great! We're also going to look a bit at calories to try to pinpoint where we're going wrong. With me, I'm sure that I'm eating far to much fruit each day as 'snacks'...

Very Best Wishes, Roz.