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Peoples attitudes stink

Hi Been on LT for 7 days now, have got a really heavy cold and I am sick of people saying it is my own fault because I am on a sh*te diet, and I should start eating "properly" again. :argh: :banghead:
It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that 2 of my grandkids have got this cold and several people al work! I am so pissed with these attitudes but have decided to put it down to jealousy. Wish there was a middle finger emoticon

Start weight 13st 13 1/2lb
WI @ 6th day 13st 3lb - 10 1/2lb
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i no how you feel. when ever im tired its because im not eating not the fact that i had a late night or when i dont feel well its because im not having a nutritious meal and not cos of the bug that seems to have been passed around, im with you debbie *middle finger to all*


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At least you aren't listening to them and letting them defeat your diet, hope you feel better soon xx


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Yep i think its all down to jealousy too.... my hairdresser was shocked by my weight loss the other day,but when i told her i was on LT she started freaking out saying she was with weight watchers & they are totally against LT there,nothing to do with the fact its took her months to lose what ive lost in 5 wks...she said i should come off it as its dangerous,well little does she know,cos i feel great & surely doctors & pharmacists wouldn't put you on it if it was in any way dangerous.....arghhhh some people!!! sorry for the moan,i feel much better now! lol Hope you feel better soon....Caz xx
its generally the people that havent looked into the LL, LT or CD that throw out all the negatives about how bad it is, and its dangerous etc etc. if they took the time to look at the facts and realise that they're run properly and your checked weekly etc then they might have a different opinion.

just ignorance on their part i think, if they cant be bothered to look into it THEN have an opinion then they should keep quiet!
Exactly Sarah -do people assume that we are so desperate to lose weight that we'll endanger our health and lives? Do they assume we can't weigh up the pro's and cons for ourselves?! However well meant these ppl may intend to be, its just plain patronising.

Ah well, here's to healthier slimmer, happier futures! :D
Lipotrim isn't for everyone its true but at the same time generally I have found the people that slate it as dangerous or whatever are either jealous or actually do not really know anything at all about it!

Daft really, people should stick to what they know and not dish out bad advice and negative comments about something they know very little about instead of slating people for trying to make a positive change in their lives using something that works for them.

Annoys me :mad:
i would not assume its unhealthy. i would think that to lose a large amount for someone who has issues for food the best way would be to remove food from the equation while adressing those issues and be happy for the dieter that they are prepared to do that. it is harder to cut out food full stop and have the same thing day in and day out than people assume and takes a lot of will power.
tbh **** em... harsh but true
everyone who says im on a ***** diet I hit em with some knowledge... like

1. if its a shi*e diet, why do I feel good...
2. if its a shi*e diet, why am I losing weight faster than any other
3. if its a shi*e diet, why am I going for regular appointments with a people who had training in the field

but im lucky, as if my friends know i like somthing and am happy on it, thats it... :D

just keep to it, they would be saying its a shi*e diet in a few weeks love
Debbie, I do hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean about attitudes, I heard so many negative comments before I started LT about people on LL that when I started I only told a select few, people I knew would support me. As I've gone on I have told others and that's when the problems start. One person who started LT, did it for 2 weeks and gave up, slags it off to me at every opportunity and warns me about all the bad things that can happen - most have happened to her (after only 2 weeks?!!!!) Ignore them hun, I've been on this for 26 weeks and look and feel better than I have for ages!


P.S. it was my GP who recommended this diet to me in the first place!
I'm guessing these people aren't people you like anyway so their opinion doesn't count for sh*t! Personally everyone I have told has been supportive and following my progress as if I was an experiment lol. Remember it's only your opinion that counts in the long run.
Good luck with your future weight loss :)

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