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Pepsi Belly?

I don't know but my belly is my best feature as it is quite flat in comparison to the rest of my body and i am a diet pepsi/coke addict easily drinking three cans a day and a 500ml bottle and even more on the weekend so it doesn't seem to have done me any harm lol!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I used to drink more than 3 litres of Diet pop a day. Its not good for you, full stop.
However, I drink 2 cans a day now instead and loads of water. My weight loss is still good and I dont bloat from pop.
I dont drink much pepsi but im a diet coke addict and its all i drink, i find sometimes it bloats me if i drink it too fast but more often that not its fine.

I dont think its good for you though, I should drink more water really


Mad old Bat with Attitude
They had a section in a diet/food prog a while ago that took an elite athlete and "force fed them " fast food type things. One of them was diet coke. This runner had to drink 3 x 2litre bottles a day and actually put weight on! :eek: It was something to do with the additives. His blood results were skewed too!
I used to drink a lot of diet pepsi/coke especially with my dinner. I have switched to sparkling water for a couple of reasons - it's a heck of a lot cheaper and also there's no caffeine.
I'm not sure on the bloating but I feel better not drinking so much as coupled with the amount of coffee I drink and the fact that I don't sleep too well anyway, it wasn't helping me!
I'm with the others though, it's not good for you so is probably kept to a minimum.
As for it making you feel hungrier - I heard years ago that models survive on diet coke/pepsi to keep them from eating!

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