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perception is a strange thing isn't it?


finding my way again !
today i went out & bought myself a new pair of jeans in a size 18 & it got me thinking.
when i was slimmer but getting bigger, if you get my drift, when i was going from 16 up to an 18 i thought at an 18 i was much too big to wear jeans & refused to buy them. this was b4 marriage & kids. since having the girls & putting weight on i've bought clothes cos i have to wear something or get arrested :confused: & i've not really been to bothered what i'm wearing. now i'm starting to take an interest in my clothes & actually think i don't look too bad in my new jeans.
strange eh ?
what peceptions have changed with you since putting on / loosing weight?
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As I got bigger I always thought you should try and hide all the fat hanging everywhere.....I still feel this way although since losing some weight my t-shirts have got a little shorter as the over-hanging belly has shrunk (although it not gonna disappear until my op)
I have never had the confidence to wear anything remotely sexy....as everything felt like a marquee (never mind tent)

Though I must say my mate Lucky has definately boosted my confidence to get some new clothes that are not hanging in the wind...lol

Thanx mate.....wouldnt be without you. xxx
i have to say Sonkie, i envy you somewhat, having Karen & Lucky near you for support, i don't know anyone round here doiny vlcd to support me

Ahh Pandora, where abouts are you, are you doing cd, lt or ll, why dont you ask when you get weighed if they can put you in touch with others on the same programme as you.
Well if you move down to Plymouth feel free to join our club.

Take care ....we are here for you on minimins xxx
Hi Pandora
Karen is on cd and her confidence shines thru , anytime u want a chat hun feel free to msn any of us , me and sonkie are on here a fair bit !
Your clothes do say alot about you and i always think wearing big and baggy can make us look bigger , im not saying let it all hang out but there are clothes out there that flatter and suit all shapes and sizes !
Try on loads of different colours and styles and sizes thats what i say !


finding my way again !
hi Lucky
i've never been afraid to wear colours or fitted clothes its just that i buy them now cos i like the way i look in them, not just that someone tells me they look ok, when really i couldn't be that bothered how i looked. i am starting to enjoy clothes now
I tend to look at people passing in the shop were i work , cos ive never been into fashion and just wore what i like and feel comfy in , but now if i see a lady wearing something nice i will hunt the shops looking for something similar ! my denim skirt and boots was one of those seen it love it got to have it !!!


finding my way again !
i had some lovely stuff last year but they're all too big now & i havn't got the money to buy to much as i'm growing out of them too fast so i'm limmiting myself to 1 pair jeans, 1 other pair trousers & a couple of tops, but watch out shops & bank balance when i get to goal !
Well I have gone through a few stages of different perceptions.

1. I didn't realise I was as big as I was. I didn't spend time looking in the mirror and didn't take long to get changed as I just had to wear what I had that fitted.

2. Once I had lost a stone or so, thats how big I THOUGHT I was at the start, so I felt like I had achieved not much!

3. Once I had lost a couple of stone, thats when I started looking in the mirror, I bacame a bit more choosy and will no longer wear something 'because it fits'.

4. Once I noticed myself getting slimmer in the mirror I was pleased and 'felt' slimmer, however then I started noticing the bits that will probably never be perfect and just 'felt' fat again.

5. I am pretty much a size 12 now, but I still feel fat.

Not sure what to do about it really..... There aren't many 'before' photos to compare with as like most people I hid from the camera.

At lighterlife, you get a scrapbook which you can use if you want to, to make a 'fat' page and a 'thin' page, I am going to do this to try to educate myself. I keep telling myself I have achieved a lot and done my health soooo many favours, but I just don't seem to get it lol.

Also, when I do get to target, I will need a new wardrobe, and I have no idea what sort of clothes to wear, last time I shopped as a 12 I was 15 yrs old..... I guess I'll be a 10 at target and I have no idea as a 31 yr old what to wear. Thank God for Gillian my friend who has no idea what she is in for lol, she has promised to take me shopping! I love the way she dresses, she shows her figure beautifully without it being too much if you catch my meaning, and she has an eye for colours etc. She also has the ability to be honest with me, and won't let me buy anything that doesn't suit me.

oh well, happy days, hopefully my brain will catch up soon and realise I am much slimmer than before!

Hi Mags I understand your dilemma, I have been so used to wearing shapeless tents to hide all the lumps and rolls that Id probably still buy them as I slimmed down.
Lucky has given me some ideas on what to buy what sort of shapes etc
Well I ordered some new clothes in a size 30 and 28....I thought there is no way the 30 will fit as they have always been too tight.....well imagine my surprise when I tried it on and it fitted with a little room too.

Then I tried on the 28........and........welll it fitted too, though it clung a little to my hernia.....and I thought I would not get into either size.

Obviously my perception of myself is the same as before I started vlcd, but now I know I am smaller and just have to get my head around that fact.


finding my way again !
i have to admit i still look at 22's & then think, no 18 now, it does take time to adjust, i'll prob just get my head around 18 & it'll be 14 i'm s'posed to be getting LOL

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