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There was a king, who asked a painter to show him "perfection".

The artist, took weeks if not months to construct this picture of "perfection".

At the banquite where he was to display his "painting of perfection", the king was ready, he pulled the rug off the painting to show the king "perfection".

The audience was silent, the king gazed....

He said, you drew a circle?

The artist said, yes a perfect circle, the symbol of true perfection.

The king promply had him killed for wasting his time. To arrogant to realize how closly a perfect circle represented perfection, mathmatically and in nature.

Here is a video, showing a person drawing the perfect circle.


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wow, i was smiling thoughout the video until hee drew, then wow....pretty amazing!


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I watched that one yesterday. Very cool eh! Wish I could do that to impress my students:)


That's amazing! What a cool thing to be able to do!