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pick n mix

i'm now on day 3 of ss,

monday was fine
tuesday had raging headache

today, i'm flippin starvin.

can i mix the plans,

ie could i have a piece of chicken, with cauliflower and brocoili for tea,

then depending how i feel tomorrow, could i go back to ss.

or will this mix up my plan.

on another note, i just had to weigh myself this morning and it seems i have lost 5lbs.

according to my scales.
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a new way of living!
I do LT rather than CD, but have looked in to CD, and as far as i know, you cant mix the plans, you have to stick to total food replacement for at least 1 week.

have a look at their website, it should tell you. also ring your cdc, they are there to support you, and could answer this for you too.

good luck.
Hi wickedchris, I mix the plans mostly at weekends. I try and SS all week and then if i 'feel the urge' on a Saturday evening i have a chicken salad or steamed fish and veg. It seems to be working ok with me at the moment. Give your CDC a call to check but im sure its fine.

Good luck
Give your CDC a call
i doubt she would know, i feel i know more than her,

last time i was on ss, she sold me bars in the 2nd week,

just couldn't find my book

and i'm really starving, was going to have some chicken veg, and pour a veg soup mix over.

never mind, i'll just go to sleep

oh btw my stick said i was in K land today
Hi Chris, if u are that hungry it would be better to mix the plans than to cheat.

We are not 'officially' allowed to do it, but I would have thought you will still lose weight. But follow the SS+ weights for food in your book and make sure you do actually measure everything. :D
i can't believe how hungry i feel

never felt like this before,

just wanna eat something

i had my 1st shake at 7.00am before i went to work

was going to have the soup for tea, and the hot chocolate before i go to bed
I normally try and leave my first 'meal' of the day until about 10ish. I start work at 7.30 so im usually up about 6am. I then have my next pack around 2pm and my 'dinner' at 7pm. I find if i do that i dont feel quite so hungry inbetween. Hve you tried splitting your packs in two and having 6 'meals' a day rather than 3?
Maybe try and split your packs into 2 and add more water then u are 'eating' more often.

To try and go from 7am until teatime is a long time even when you are in ketosis.

Or is there anyway you can wait until later in the day before you have your first shake or can you not have them at work?

I also have a lot of black coffee or peppermint tea or hot water if I feel hungry and this does fill me up if it's not time for another shake yet.

I promise it does get easier......
Lol I was obviously posting at the same time as Kazza.

But great minds think alike and all that! ;)
I know a couple of people who mix SS with SS+ depending how they are doing that day and it hasn't affected their losses. Probably best if you can manage without, but if not, there is always the SS+ option.
thanks guys

going to have some tea tonight, i have to

problem is there is nowhere at work i can make my shakes up.

sometimes i don't have one before work ,and have my 1st at around 1.00pm when i've finished work.


a new way of living!
having done total food replacement on LT for 12 weeks, I really have to say, i'd stick at it, and drinks loads of water. then if you still feel like it next week, change plans to 810 or 1000 or something.

coming on and off different plans, it prob not that good for you, espec if you break ketosis.

over the past few weeks, i have cheated on LT and ate protein, and it has made the diet 100x harder. that is why i am now changing to cd810 and having a meal a day (also my bmi is nearly 25, although it makes no diff on LT, it will when i change to cd).

guys have done this before, and so can you - just be strong and disciplined.



A pound at a time
I would suggest if you can afford to to have an extra pack if you feel really hungry instead of having food food. My reasoning is because it could be that the taste of food will make you want to eat more or make your sachets not as appealing. Some people start having one small meal and then before they know it they have completely cut out cambridge. Whatever you decide, if you decide to have some food don't forget to have all 3 of your packs for today.
thanks for all of those messages

going to bed now for an hour, and will see how i feel later
Eating is the devils work and a slippery slope. lol!

I was sooo hungry on day 3 too, had my packs and they took the edge off.
If you're hungry and at home make up your pack earlier than you intended.

If you do and are hungry later, have an early night. That's what I did, and felt loads better on day 4.

I'm now on day 10 and although I crave things I certainly couldn't say I was physically hungry any more.

Going strong - Stick to it because once you break it, it's sooooo hard to get back in to.

Good Luck, I hope you feel better when you wake up.


Silver Member
Good luck to you, ifyou do eat don't beat yourself up about it, sometimes easier to have a 'legal' meal than go completely off the rails. Hope you feel better soon hun and well done on the 5lbs loss.. fab news!
What about trying the Tetra if you can't make shakes at work.

I know they look small, but they are all I have now, and I mix them with water to make them bigger and less thick. They don't taste watery.

Or you can use a big cup and mix them with hot water.

Don't need a mixer just a glass/cup and spoon.

I tend to never leave more than 4 hours between each shake.
I swap betwwe ss and ss+.When you are starving the small amount you can have on ss+(works out about a tin of tuna in water or a chicken breast +small amount of lettuce) really helps.As a bloke i just dont think I could get through a 12 hour shift at work on 4 CD products alone.Now on day 8 and its getting easier.The ss booklet says you can swop between ss and ss+.

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