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Picture yourself slim...


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:confused: Evening all,

I was just wondering whether anyone else actually can do this?? I have never ever been slim so when people say to me picture yourself slim mentally i cannot do it, I have no idea what i would look like if i weighed a few stone less. I really wish there was a pill that I could take that changed me to slim just for a few minutes so i could get that image in my head and work with it but as far as i know there isnt!!! Is this just me or can other people easily see themselves with a few stone off, also if you have any ideas that may help with my vision i would very much grateful! :confused:

Have a nice night all and good luck for tomorrow and the many days to come. :p
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I've had major probs with this too. I couldn't visualise myself slim cos I've always felt huge. Even looking back at pics where I must weigh less than my target weight, I'm covered up and look bigger than I was. I found weightmirror.com good for this. It's free. You upload a pic and it slims you down. I did it with a pic of me going to a friend's wedding last year. Felt rotten, but it gave me the start to see myself as slimmer, but still curvy (hence the username - was determined to change a "fat" mindset to curvy)!


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Ooh thanks curves ill have a look at that just what i needed! My username is normally always curvyems on everything but i thought this time new start new diet new name, have never wanted to be skinny skinny curvy 14/16 would be perfect for me i think!


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have never wanted to be skinny skinny curvy 14/16 would be perfect for me i think!
What a sensible approach to your new diet. So achievable and more importantly, maintainable.

Good luck. I am sure you will achieve your goal.
A few years back when I was doing WW, there was an advert in the mag for a photo company on line who actualy could send you a picture with you looking 3 stone lighter. You just emailed them a current picture of you and they would "slim You down". I know it was prety expensive, bout £30.00 from what I remember, Ill do a search this afternoon see if I can find the web page.

Might be helpfull...
I've got photos of my in younger days but they feel a bit detached from where I'm at now. To be honest the thing I've found most helpful these past few days is looking through the photos on here; I think it's amazing to see how people change and super motivating; will be checking in a few times a week to keep me going I think!


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I look round my class when they say people have lost 5 stone and they are at target but i would have never have thought they could have been big before hand hopefully one day that can be me! X

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