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Cruise PV Pile of Washing to Washboard Abs!!!!

as explained in the newbies Dukan thread. I have decided this is my last diet and I will make it work :D although there are many days that my body conspires against me :mad: but the one thing I wish to shift is the pile of washing look when I go on holiday so came up with the title to spur me on. Will update later when I am awake enough to eat:coffee:
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello and welcome. Lovely to meet you... and I particularly like your 4th goal. Let's see if we can help you get there!
Thank you Maintainer. Currently on week 3 of the C25K running program so hopefully that goal will be sorted come the summer.:)


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi welcome Naomi,

just spotted your intro - good luck I'm sure you can make it. The running will help, what an exciting thing to be working towards! Are you running in someone's name - make sure we all have your justgiving details so you can collect even more sponsorship!

The signature tickers - I think you need a certain amount of posts before you can start adding things to your signature, edit that by going to 'User CP' (link at the top in the blue menus). The tickers come from places like tickerfactory.com and the instructions are in the minimins help pages somewhere:

but as I said it won't actually show till you've passed some threshold (and I don't remember what that was - 10? 20?) so KEEP POSTING :D
Thank you for all the happy vibes. Anja ticker sorted you journey really was critical in me choosing this path and forum. Have been out to buy wheat bran to make some of your recipes.
Also top tip about justgiving for the Race For Life hadnt thought of that. :D


Dukan Ancestor!!
Oh thanks flattery will get you far :D! **blush**

Look at your ticker! Nearly a third there already!

I'm still working on the washboard abs too though! I have this post-baby belly :eek: (errm my youngest is 3+!). It's above the waist, some is a little padding but most of it now is just 'my shape' - I tried on swimsuits yesterday - full length mirrors etc... My shape is decidedly STRANGE. I can hold my stomach in, and look normal :eek:
So I am doing my core exercise - just not every day yet, about 50 of the easier ones and 30 of the harder one, that's all I can mange at the moment :rolleyes:. But I can feel in in my muscles the day after!
i have a baby jelly belly too my youngest is 5 lol
I have no excuse my youngest is 9 *giggle*
Here goes with today
PP day
Brekkie- galette with poached egg
Lunch- rollmop (dodgy I know) 0% fat greek yoghurt
Dinner -2x chicken breast Shape 0 yoghurt
Snacks- boiled egg ham
Water- 4 litres (not unusual for me)
Exercise - 20 min C25K running

Have formulated a plan for tomorrow my best mate in whole world's 40th birthday.
Food not a problem PV day - steak n salad here I come. Desserts never an issue.
Now Booze is there will be bubbly and that I cannot resist but for the night on the tiles I was planning on vodka in pints of diet coke (old trick used on SW)
Stay fabulous peeps :D

brill idea on the pints hun !!!
Off to sunny Norfolk for birthday celebrations tummy full of oatbran porridge (nom nom). There may be casulties on the dance floor but there will be fun and frolicals :D:D
Will check in again tomorrow to comment on the damage :eek:
Stay fabulous peoples :D


Dukan Ancestor!!
Have a fab time!
have fun xx
Zillion calories burned off. Was very restrained on the drinking front and did well on food. All in all a fabulous time was had by all :D
Now need to become Zen like for joint birthday party later 12 small boys of assorted ages anyone!!!!!!!
Stay fab ladies Nxx


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hope you survived the second party! And no 'tidying up' the cake afterwards!
Parties all survived everyone happy. Didnt complete food diary on Friday & Sat but am now back in the saddle.
Brekkie- oat bran porridge
Lunch- Chicken omelette
Dinner - Chicken
Snacks- Shape 0% Yoghurt/boiled eggs

Shopping coming this evening if not I am going to start clucking and pecking the floor :D
We will see when I weigh in tomorrow as its TOTM and the drinking I would be happy with a STS so we wait and see :D

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