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Pink's Diary

Thought I'd make an attempt at a diary!

So today I've eaten:

B - oatmeal with water (ran out of milk!)
Sn - vanilla cinnamon muffin
L - Salad (lettuce, celery, radish, tomato, turkey, ham, red cabbage)
Starbucks vanilla steamer (boss decided we needed an emergency starbucks run!)
Sn - chicken and ham
D - Marrow stuffed with mince beef, tomato, onion, mushroom, garlic, topped with cottage cheese.
vanilla muffin with vanilla yoghurt.

Unsurprisingly absolutely stuffed.
I think I need to cut back on the ham as I'm not entirely sure if it is allowed. Also probably slightly over on the oats. I have now managed to buy some proper oat bran after a couple days on oatmeal.

As you can probably tell I have a sweet tooth. Felt a bit ill this morning but I felt better after my muffin which I wasn't planning on eating but then had to see if it would make me feel better which it did.
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great idea :D you can always post menus is our daily menu sticky aswell :D
you arent having too much oat/wheat with the porridge and the muffins.
Yeah well I know I had too much today as my OH made my galette and then told me afterwards that he'd used about two tablespoons worth of bran! The muffins are quite small and I only have a tiny bit of porridge (about half a tablespoon) so I think I'm ok most days.

Went to the cinema this evening, everyone go see Inception it is awesome! Anyway, managed to resist the popcorn and sweets and instead stuck to a pepsi max.

B - muffin and vanilla yoghurt
L - galette, roast turkey, cottage cheese, mustard, followed by starbucks (went to lunch with OH and I was cold sitting in the park but wearing heels so couldn't walk far, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).
D - pan fried smoked mackeral with quark, lemon and fennel leaves also finished the last muffin so probably way over on the oat bran which is not good at all.

I will try to be good tomorrow! Not managed any steps today either as our band in a box arrived so was setting that up when I got home from work and it meant the OH was using the wii..........
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Yeah I think trying a galette, porridge AND muffins isn't going to be an easy feat AND stick to the oat/wheatbran allowance...

Easiest is to go for one or the other (or the other!!). At least you'll have variety in your week's menus, unlike me cos I adore my muffins so won't deviate for anything in the world!
Really craving a mars bars right now, sweet chai tea will have to do! I only have porridge as I'm always too sleepy to tell the OH what I want for breakfast so he makes porridge for me. And yes it's for wii very fun!
OMG I had a mars craving last night :S :eek:

maybe try the egg custard recipe? could save the sweet tooth or make some of Jo's muffins with sweetener?

good luck!


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diet coke sorts out my sweet tooth. especially frozen into lollies. but remember to defizz it with a fork first :D


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get lolly moulds and defizz the coke with a fork before pouring it in and freezing!! what a mess my freezer in even though i did defizz it a bit. just not enough!!!!


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Interesting idea Vicky! Never tried making them...

I had been somewhat bewildered as to why my jelly moulds were "leaking" - leastwise I had jelly everywhere last night! Then I realised that I'm filling them too full, then putting them in the fridge, and every time I open the fridge, they're "shake rattling and rolling" every darned where!


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Yes... the other half brought me back 10x2 when he came over a couple of weeks ago... I love them!


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43p! your country is soooooooooooo cheap! I paid £15 for a salad at lunchtime with tap water to drink!
Been feeling majorly hungry all day today. I need to sort out breakfast as this morning I had vanilla yoghurt and was starving by 10am.

B - Vanilla yoghurt
L - Roast turkey with salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, red cabbage, celery)
Sn - slice of ham and glass of milk
D - roast beef with courgette mushrooms and tomato followed by vanilla muffin
Sn - vanilla muffin

I didn't actually feel hungry for the second one but I had to get in all my oat bran. Made the muffins when I got home and made 6 big muffins so I know I can have 2 per day or one and a galette so should be sorted on the oat bran front now. I accidently added loads of milk but they turned out lovely and moist, only problem is they stick to the cases so I think next time I'm not going to use cases and see if my rubber tray is any good!

I survived the mars bar craving, don't know how though!
perhaps rejig it and have your muffin in the morning - I find eating the oat bran before lunch helps with mid morning and afternoon cravings :) especially if you're not too hungry in the evenings... morning could be your craving time?
Maybe, but I love having some yoghurt and muffin after dinner! I am always starving in the morning. I had a scrambled egg this morning but I'm having an injection later so perhaps I'll have the muffin after that.

I think I need to find things I can snack on in work.

Good news though, WI this morning, 2lb gone!!!!! Wooohoooo soooo close to that 11st now!

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