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Pix's trip to fitville - no extra baggage allowed!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Pix1966, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    Hi everyone , I'm Pix, it's my first day here and I'm determined not to be facing being fat and fifty in a few years time. I know I will need help to stay motivated and inspired so here I am looking for people doing the same thing.

    I'll probably ramble a lot, I'll certainly giggle a lot and at times I will need a huge kick up the bum. I'll be a Weds weigher and Im doing this at home.

    I work full time so I might be around more during the morning and evenings, though if there's an app for my phone I might be able to be on more frequently.

    So who's with me, and who has the biggest boots ;)

    Pix xx
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  3. tonis818

    tonis818 Member

    Hi Pix,
    I've subscribed to this thread so I can join in with the weight-ins, if that's ok!
    I need a massive kick up the bum after having my daughter 15 months ago (I'm in denial and keep telling myself I'll start soon!)
    Here's to our success stories and a slim 2014!! Good luck
  4. Donnaxxx

    Donnaxxx Full Member

    Hi am joinin to I have been on every diet goin I started sw in nov give up around xmas my wi is wed an I need lose 5 stone x

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  5. Rhianny2244

    Rhianny2244 Full Member

    Hey I am subscribing! I just started a new diary called Rhianny ventures into the unknown! Come say hi :) xx
  6. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    Hi toni ....thanks for saying hi and here's to a slimmer 2014 for both of us x
  7. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    lets hope this is the one that works Donna! good luck x
  8. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    hi Rhianny .... I'll come find you too ! feel free to potter on here as much as you like - good luck x
  9. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    morning everyone ... Rhianny I couldnt find your diary, can you pop a link in here so I can ( Im a numpty, sorry! )

    My shopping gets delivered tonight so I can plan ahead a bit better that I have done for today. I work 50 miles away and I know one of my downfalls is eating in the car, usually stress and boredom related. So I need to think about if I have a " no eating in the car " rule, or if I have some healthy snacks that will help, especially on the homeward journey

    any suggestions ?

    catch up properly later - off to work now xx
  10. Donnaxxx

    Donnaxxx Full Member

    How is every1 doin I have made quiche wit quark its in oven now hope turns out ok x

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  11. Rhianny2244

    Rhianny2244 Full Member

  12. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Good luck Pix. I've subscribed so can keep up with how you are doing. I only started this week so hopefully we will be able to motivate each other.x
  13. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    Hi Donna ... How did it turn out ? I've not used quark before x
  14. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    Hi Rhianny ... Thanks for the link ill come find you :)

    I forgot to say one of my challenges is that I have coeliac disease so it limits what I can choose. I Just need to be more creative I guess x
  15. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    Hi little miss naughty x

    Welcome and yes, I'm all up for motivating each other How are you getting along ?
  16. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    Morning everyone. Its STILL raining ... Going to need an ark soon lol !

    Well the nice man from tesco delivered my shopping last night and I'm giving away the last of the Christmas goodies so I'm not tempted ... Taking them into one of my residential services today so they'll be pleased! So ill be spending the weekend planning ahead better. I don't eat red meat ( other than ham ) and I can't have anything with gluten in it ... Still leaves loads to choose from, right??

    Trying to resist jumping on the scales every morning and stick to weds but I'm not sure if ill be able to resist all week. Do you weigh weekly or more frequently??

    So that's my pre work ramble ... How are you all ? Xx
  17. Donnaxxx

    Donnaxxx Full Member

    Mornin all am still in bed dnt want to get up, o and my quiche was lvly turned out nice, I try not to weigh myself I try and do it once a week but sometimes I cant help it x hope every1 has a nice day am in work at ten dnt wanna get up xx

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  18. Rhianny2244

    Rhianny2244 Full Member

    Hey! Do you eat soup? I made a lovely chicken and rice soup today that might be suitable for you? It was chicken stock, carrots, suede, leek, and a handful of rice. It wouldn't be good to keep in your flask in the car? My cousin cannot eat gluten so we try to find imaginative recipes to give her :)
    in regards to weighing, I don't own a set of bathroom scales so I need to wait until class on Wednesday which is a pain but I am telling myself it is a good thing ha. Although it's very frustrating!
  19. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    I'm doing really well. I started on Monday and haven't snacked at all. Although last night when hubby and kids had the christmas chocs out it was torture but I managed it. I kept telling myself that I can eat some chocs again once I've lost a stone.
    I'm really determined to do this and I have a dress I really want to get back into when I go on a cruise in April so I am hoping that will keep me motivated. My biggest struggle is keeping off the scales. I did have a sneaky peek on Wednesday and I'd lost a couple of pounds but I'm trying to last out till Monday when I can do my weekly weight.x
  20. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    hiya, yes soup's fine and I'd never thought about adding rice to it, what a great idea :) I have a really nice red pepper risotto you can do in the oven if you'd like the recipe

    I think I'll try really hard to stay off the scales til weds x
  21. Pix1966

    Pix1966 Full Member

    it's the weekend ....yey!!! It's seemed a really long week with unexpected inspections at work and lots of sickness so scrabbling around to find cover everywhere. Im on call but I hope my phone stays quiet !

    Pasta tonight for dinner, nice and easy and not too heavy for my other half who's off to play squash later. I'm going to mooch on here and plan some menus. I got some more cook books for christmas too so I can't wait to look through them and see what I can use/adapt.

    how are you all doing ? xx

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