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Plane Seats!

I'm off on hols Tuesday :p

I am 3 1/2 stone lighter than I was when I went last year, but last year I needed an extenstion belt :cry: as the belt was about 5inches too short.

It's really worrying me that

1) I won't fit into the plane seat
2) I will need an extender again:sigh:

Is there anyone there anyone a similar weight to me now....if so what are your experiences?

I'm currently a size 22 top and 24 bottoms!

Any feedback welcomed! xxx
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Hi ya :)

I was a size 16 bottoms in late July on the plane this year and had plenty of room on the belt no probs at all... i have been away last year was 22 bottoms and the belt was ok again... dunno if that helps lol


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I was a size 22 bottoms (prob large end of a 22) last year and managed to do the belt up, and get the tray down. I always used to upgrade to premier class for that little bit of extra seat space as I was always paranoid about it too.

Don't stress about it, and just think next year you won't even be having these issues.... have a good holiday.
Hiya hun, well done on your weight loss, you've done great. Unfort think you may need it still, I needed one until I got down to size 18/20 but all flights are different esp long haul. But dont worry ur getting closer and closer to not needed one hun.
Have a fab holiday xx
Hi I just wanted to let you know that I last flew when I was around 19 stone and a size 24 bottoms and I could just about do up the belt although I asked for an extender anyway to be extra comfy. It really doesn't bother me to ask for one as they are very discreet and once you've got it you just forget about it, but I know that everyone is different.

You may well get away without one. I'm 21st 11lbs now and flying again in Jan, re-started CD yesterday so hope to be around the same weight as when I last flew by then! Fingers crossed, I know I was really stressed about not actually fitting in the seat last time but in the end it was fine. :D



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It depends on the airline really - the lengths of the belts vary hugely. I flew with Thomson airlines and didn't need a belt then came back two weeks later with Thomas Cook and the belt was far too short for me.
I have no problems about asking for an extender though - doesn't bother me.
What I am looking forward to after having lost a bit of weight is having a bit more leg room and not having my knees pressed against the seat in front. I am presuming that quite a bit of the weight lost has gone from my back so that will give me more space!
I usually fly with Easyjet and they have longer seat belts than Ryanair. I have to say that Thomas Cook has been the most uncomfortable to date - no room for my legs at all.
Thanks Alex,

I'm flying with thomas cook to :-(

I also found thomson alot more roomy than other airlines!

Oh well lets face it....if I have to ask for the extension I will......I can't do much about it now! :)
Alexice, you are right about leg room - I flew recently having lost 3 1/2 stones and I found that I had obviously lost some buttock 'volume' as I could fit my legs in better beacasue I was able to sit back in the seat more. I'm 5'11' with 33" inside leg so sometimes find that my thigh bone is only just able to fit inside the seat space allowance - ain't no amount of weigh loss going to shorten them pins!
In answer to the OP - I have flown as a large size 18 and always had enough belt room - try not to wear anything too bulky just in case though.
Enjoy your hols
Thanks boardwitless. This will be the first time I have flown at this weight in over 15 years! I have been a 30/32 for a long time and now I am much less. I am quite looking forward to the experience!


Is determined to do this!
I flew BA in the summer as a size 20 (probably quite tight fitting 20..:rolleyes:) and the belt juust fitted, but was so uncomfortable. I flew with my baby who had to sit on my lap,so no one saw the overhang tho! :rolleyes::D

I cant really compare to other airlines, as have never flown anywhere else as that big, and have only flown BA recentl anyway!

Have a good holiday!


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Hey Claire,
You have lost 3 1/2 stone which is amazing...........
Dont worry if you have to ask for an extension belt or not as it will be the last time you will have too!
You should be so proud of what you have already achieved and I am sure you will be at your goal by the next time you are in that situation.
Keep smiling hon you have done fab xxx
Hi I am also 5ft9 and flew in the summer at around 17st 11, belt fitted, but blow it if it doesn't. If you do need an extension it doesn't make you a bad or inferior person, hope you have a good trip x
I flew with Monarch last December weighing just under 16 stone. The flight out was not too bad-the belt fitted and the seat was ok, but the flight back was a nightmare. There was an extra row of seats in the middle, so the seats were smaller. I couldn't get the tray down properly and the arm rests dug into my thighs. Saying that, I think anyone who was over a size 12, or taller than normal would have had a problem on that flight. I have 17 inches less round my hips this time round so I should fit in my seat much better!:D

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