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Plateau Struggle


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I started of on Monday after a heavy carb Italian meal on Sunday. Weighed in at 11 11.5!! Heaviest ever. :cry:Dukan book read back to front and resolve was extremely high. Was concerned that period was due and always suffer from major sore boobs and water retention. Good news as by 3rd day lost 4lbs. Have not wavered and trying to make tastey recipes from Dukan book. Then it started going wrong. I have not cheated and lost nothing day 4 and coincedentally curse started today - decided it was the reason and marched on. Extremely focused and not a carb passed my lips on day 5 even though I was gagging for a glass of Sauvingon Blanc. Using Ketostix and am definelty in the ketosis state so confidence was high. Jumped on scales this morning and only lost a quarter of pound over 2 days!!! Has anybody else suffered same ? Still in attack phase and wobbling slightly and dont know what to do. I made the galette and want to know are they essential. Missed one on day 4 but beyond that plenty water being drank. Total weight loss 4.25 lbs.
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Hi there KGB

Please don't get disheartened. I know it's difficult when you don't see the numbers going down on the scales, especially in Attack. But it's totally normal - TOTM completely messes you up! A lot of the weight we lose in Attack is water weight - but at TOTM you're retaining water much more than usual and your body just won't give it up!!!

Keep going, drink loads of water and eat as "clean" as you can and the weight will come off. I think I had my first TOTM just after Attack. I didn't have a loss for 6 days and then, lo and behold the very next day I was down 5 pounds!! The diet does work - you just have to let the pesky hormones do their worst and once it's all over you'll be back on track again!


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Hi thanks for this it has really helped me stay focused and not going to give up. I am not going to weight myself for a few more days as just get disheartened and nearly raided the cereal cupboard because of scales. I know I have not waivered and strayed off of protein path and this helps. Does Sweetex in tea have an affect? I am having roughly 4 cups a day and loads of water but no diet drinks so thought should be ok. I will keep up and hope to drop 5 pounds like you did. :D


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S: 11st9lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
No that shouldn't be any harm, I reckon it's TOTM. I was there last week and it's a killer

It's probably a good plan to stop weighing every day because you can become obsessed with numbers! If you're doing it right the weightloss will come. And once you're into cruise it will stop being such a struggle-promise!

Have you been posting your menus in the diary section? It can really help to have others have a look at them to make sure there are no hidden nasties. Even if it's just to reassure yourself


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Hello KGB... hang on a second. If I read you correctly, you're now in your sixth (or seventh????) attack day, and you only weigh 11 stone something?

That's far too long and, as you've seen, it doesn't increase your weight loss hanging out in attack longer than 3-5 days max at your current weight. The longer attack periods are for really heavy people.

How is your "transit"? After that long without much fibre, that could well be your problem.

Post some menus and we might be able to help but PLEASE, for your body's sake, have some veg/salad!

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