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Please explain... if you don't mind?


I know I can do it..
Hi peeps,

I'm seriously considering starting the CD or LT diet. I'm reading threads etc but I feel i need a briefing in what it's about...

Could someone please give me a run down of how it works and what it takes, jsut briefly. I know nothing about it besides shakes, how often? what meal in the evenings if any and what calorie/fat etc restrictions are there?

Sorry, because there's a lot of threads but i'm just reading what everyone is doing rather than what it's about, or is there a thread or link someone can point me in the right direction for.
also, importantly... how do I go about starting ?
I'm 23 stone and 30 years old. Ready for a new body too lol
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there both TFR total food replacement diets. cd you can do sole source 3shake a day and water nothing else there is other plans you can do and that but this is the one most go for i think and give a good weight loss of at least a stone a month. if you go to the cambridge website you will see find counsellor just look up your nearest cdc and get in contact to get started there is a form to fill out and all that.

LT lipotrim is similar
same thing really just a lot less flavours that CD. and you do it in the chemist instead of a cdc. same think check out there website for a list of chemists doing it.

cd is about 35 pounds per week

dont know about lt i think around the same

any other q just ask hun and welcome to minimins :)


I know I can do it..

Sorry about the delay in replying. I went on hols for 2 weeks and got back yesterday. I've made an appointment with the CDC for Friday. I'm sooo excited and really looking forward. I've been reading all the threads and this is deffo my kinda diet. Like I said, I'm 23 stone with a BMI of 52 so, it's do or die time I think.

So positive, and can't wait to get cracking.



Gone fishing
All the very best for Friday :clap:

Has anyone suggested you start cutting your carbs down before you start Cambridge? It really helps you in the first few days...then of course, once in ketosis things get easier :)


Laugh in the face of food
Good luck hun, once you get past the first week or so it gets easier, and the losses are so motivating. I think the good weight losses are the only thing that keep me on the straight and narrow, and it's quite invigorating actually looking forward to each weigh in. I used to dread them with other diets.


I know I can do it..
Thanks KD - I haven't thought about cutting the carbs down before I start but it's a very good though. Usually i'd be stuffing my face now with nice takeaways or something daft before I start the diet but I'm not going to do that this time! I am going to do what you suggest though and cut the carbs down for sure. Thanks for that! Great weight loss by the way, very well done. You must be so pleased with yourself!

Thanks Surfhunny - Just by looking at your weight loss I can see exactly what you mean. You've had great success and may it continue for the remainder of your goal. Well done! It will make such a change to look forward to the dreaded 'weigh day' :)
Good Luck with your weight loss journey. This really is the most fabulous diet.


nearly there!! :)
good luck for ur start xxx


Laugh in the face of food
good luck on your journey

looking forward to reading your weightloss each week
Hi tracey good luck and your right to be excited, do this properly and it will work you will be amazed I never thought i would find something like this its like the miracle youve always dreamed off lol x

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