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  1. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    I am on day 6 of being 100% and have not lost an ounce for past 4 days :(

    I am glugging my water and sticking to porridge for breakfast, bar or vanilla shake for lunch and carbonara for tea and have not budged from 12st13.4!

    Am so fed up and is really making me lose my motivation as just want to see the scales move, I haven't been able to get below this weight for few weeks now and is getting me down.

    I know I shouldn't weigh every day but am only doing so cause I really want to see it get below this weight and I will relax a little again.

    What am I doing wrong? Xx

    P.S the same happened when I was 13st9 as hovered over same weight for few weeks!!
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  3. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Great all those views and not one message of advice or support? I kind of thought that was what this forum was intended for but doesn't seem to be.
    Sorry if I sound bad, was just really looking for some support to keep me going really :(

    Hope everyone else is doing well though x
  4. zara877

    zara877 Full Member

    Hi there

    Please dont give up. I truly believe in this diet the same happned to me but on day 10 I had a very good loss. So hang in there it will be worth it. Everyones body reacts differently you may b retaining a little water weight but it will all even out in the end. Ur doing really well just keep it up. And keep us posted on ur progress. Just carry on with wat your doing and keep glugging that water. Good luck x
  5. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Try not to be disheartened.

    Sometimes, it varies amongst people and what they lose. You may be holding onto your water and therefore not seeing a loss right now.
    But soon you will see it shift, so just give it a bit more time.

    Well done on getting as far as you have at this point and I hope you keep going.

    Unfortunately sometimes the forum can get a bit quiet because people may not have any answers to give you. All of us can only use our own experiences with specific diets to try and help others but none of us are experts.

    I hope you see a loss soon :)
  6. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    I'm the same with this forum, find it very cliquey and people only reply to people they already know.

    Don't worry about the slow weight loss, i did the diet a few years ago when I was 3 stone lighter and lost 13lbs in 2 weeks, this time I lost 6lbs the first week and I'm now on day 25 and have lost 15lbs. It will start to come off soon, don't be disheartened.

    I know it's a completely different diet but my MIL did weight watchers a few years back - her daughter was losing 2/3 lbs a week and she didnt lose an ounce for 6 weeks. After that it started dropping off and she lost 2 stone really quickly.

    Sometimes you can retain water if it's your time of the month too.


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  7. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Thanks ladies and LVR123 I agree with how it can be sometimes on this forum as some years ago when I did cambridge just found there was much more support there. However in saying that it is true that there is much less people on the exante forums so that would explain it too.

    Just sometimes have a bad day and feel rubbish and that's the days when it's hard to stay on track and you really need the support.

    Will keep going, it's fri night so night off for me but back to it in morn xx
  8. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    now what you mean, I guess some of the people on here have heard all our questions before, but I definitely agree that it helps keep you on track when you're in danger of going off the rails.

    What do you do on a friday night, just eat what you want or do you try and keep to low carb foods?

    For the past week or so I've been having a 200 cal low carb meal instead of one of my shakes, with a multivitamin. It's kept me in ketosis and weighed this morning and lost 16lbs - but I know I really shouldn't be doing it. As of today I'm sticking to 100% shakes and bars.

    Have you weighed since your initial post?

    We can be minimins friends if you like? :)

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  9. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member


    Well usually eat over the weekends really hence why my loss has been much slower than most I think.

    Thing is i did cambridge some years ago and lost alot in short space of time and just wasn't maintainable so this time i have generally been kinder to myself and also continued having a life lol.

    This fri hubby cooked a slimming world moussaka with lemon couscous and salad. Was yummy! Also had a sneaky archers and lemonade but only the one!

    Don't always have the fri off just tend to go with how i feel on each day really and fit it around social events.

    Think cause this is the lowest I have been for some time I am really keen to get it moving and it's having none of it, will be weighing in mon morn so we shall see.

    I've not been too bad today and have been gym every day this week, I find when I exercise though I tend to gain so not holding up much hope.

    16lbs is amazing, when did you start?

    I maintained a stone i lost this time last year for the rest of the year and have lost 24lbs since 19 jan this year. Just strange as I feel bigger now than i remember feeling when i was bigger last year if that makes sense?

    Minimins friends we are and thank you xx
  10. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    That sounds delicious, don't you struggle to get back into the swing of things once you've had some normal food? Being in ketosis is the only thing that's keeping me going, I still crave food but I'm not physically hungry..

    I know what you mean about wanting to get it moving but I'm sure you will have lost some before Monday :)

    That's good that you've been exercising too, I wish I had the motivation but I don't do anything at all. I'm thinking of starting 30 day shred on Monday though.

    Thank you, I'm pleased I've lost 16lbs but was hoping to have lost more. I'll have been doing it for 4 weeks on Tuesday but I have alot more weight to lose than you (4stone 12lbs still).. my neighbour asked me if I am pregnant today which just made me feel rubbish. Will be the 4th person this year!!

    24lbs is amazing, well done :)

    I know exactly what you mean, I think we get used to being a certain size after a while, and because we're never happy with ourselves, we make ourselves think we're bigger (made more sense when I said it in my head lol)


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  11. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Think cause I have done exante on and off for so long I can did in and out any time really. Always seem to do pretty well weekdays and if I have nothing on over the weekends will stick to shakes then too.

    But even if I do go off plan it's not usually for the whole day just the odd meal really.

    Don't know about you but I have a sabotage friend! It's almost like because she doesn't have the motivation to stick to what she's doing she tries everything to get me to join her. Only makes me stronger though :)

    I had ppl ask me if I was preggers last year which i think is what made me do it lol.

    4 weeks wow that's 4lbs a week so excellent start.

    I like to have an average of 1-2lbs per week really as I know I stand a better chance of maintaining and I know this works for me.

    Completely makes sense as is exactly how i feel lol xx
  12. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    That's good, I tend to be fine all week then really crave food at the weekend. Haven't given in yet though. I think I'm getting a bit too reliant on having a protein meal instead of a shake, might just start doing that on a Sunday.

    No haven't really got anyone like that, just annoys me that my SIL has done WW for a week and lost 5lbs eating normal food, where I've been eating 600 cals a day and only lost 6lbs in my first week. 1-2lbs is maintainable but don't you feel like you could do that on weight watchers or slimming world xx

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  13. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Yeah your right I prob could lose 1-2lbs by eating but my problem is i lose interest in food too quickly.

    I am somewhat amazed as hubby has lost 1.5 stone since xmas and hasn't even been trying!!! Like what the hell?
    There's me living off bare minimum and still can't shift any more :(

    Weighed this morn and still 12.12, had the day off plan yesterday as was stressing myself out over it but back on plan today.

    Not holding up much hope for this week though as am due on next week. Be glad when this month is over lol

    How you doing? Well done for getting through the weekend xx
  14. Sherie1

    Sherie1 Member

    Hey ladies
    have you had your weigh in today? How did you get on?
    I started today and hoping this forum will help me along the way.
  15. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Welcome Sherie

    prob not the best post to see but i sts this week, with much annoyance. But am not sure if this is due to me going gym every day this past week so we shall see.
    Have lost 24lbs so far since restart in jan.
    Wish you all the luck although I am sure you won't need it but we are all here for when times get tough! xx
  16. Sherie1

    Sherie1 Member

    Thank you for the welcome msg :)

    I've heard from a few people working out on these diets slow the weight loss down...because you're building muscle? Must be true, especially if you have been gyming it every day?

    Anyway you've done amazing so far! 24lbs is fab...I'll be over the moon if I achieve that!

    onwards and upwards :D
  17. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Hi Sherie, welcome :)

    How did you find your first day? I found the first week the hardest and am now on day 29, I can't believe I've stuck to it for this long actually, usually a couple of days and I'm done!

    I had my fourth weigh in this morning and have lost a total of 17lbs (5lb, 5lb, 3lb, 4lb) which I'm really pleased with. I expected more the first week but I've got over it now, there aren't many other diets you can do and lose 17lbs in a month!

    Slimwannabe my hubby is the same. He eats loads (always really nice stuff that makes me hungry) and he's still losing weight.. We go to see family and everyone's saying how he's lost loads of weight.. I'm like come on, I've been living on 600 cals a day for a month and you can't even tell!!

    Don't let the slow weight loss get you down, having a day off plan will only hinder you, so be determined and keep focussed... You can do it!! :)
  18. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Thank you ladies for your kind and supportive words, that's what I love about the forums!

    To be honest having the day off did do me good, plus it didn't change my weight at all.

    Weighed again this morning and still the same :(

    LVR 17lbs in one month is amazing!!!!!

    And sherie keep going, get past 7-10 days and your laughing xx
  19. Sherie1

    Sherie1 Member

    Thanks LVR & Natalie!

    Wow 17lbs is amazeballs! ;) You both have done brilliantly
    Day 2 has been far! Though someone did bring in cakes to the office :cry:However I didn't give in :D Which is shocking for me! Lol

    i did want to ask how much water you ladies drink daily? I've been trying to drink at least 3 litres (forever in the loo)
  20. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Well done for not giving in!!

    I'm drinking over 2 litres but under 3, really trying to drink more but just forget. I've heard some people say that they have a better weight loss when they drink more xx

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  21. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member

    Glug glug glug is all I do, drives hubby mad as there is a water bottle where ever he looks in the house and the car lol.
    Sherie you will find when you first start it will make you wee more but does settle down i promise oh and well done on not giving in on the cake offering! I work in an office and am generally surrounded by food but have always made a pact with myself never to eat food in work. As I don't have a lunch break and am too bust at my desk my meal replacements really do work well for me.

    And yes LVR if you drink more you do generally lose more.

    Hey thought I'd let you both know my scales finally moved this morning a whole 2lbs taking me down to 12.11 and bringing into the overweight category, am so pleased!!

    On the other hand gutted as went docs today as I've been having pains in my upper stomach and he said I have a hernia and that it's high risk of strangulation as is only a small hole so my intestine can't get back through, well that was his description anyway. So am now waiting for a scan date and will have to have an op to repair.

    Now this is bad for a few reasons, means I can't exercise (well walking if comfortable), and I have my holiday end of aug so really need it sorting before then.

    Don't suppose either of you have had a hernia before?


    P.S sorry for long message, had a lot to vent lol
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