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please help what shall i wear,


needs a real kick in the
hiya i am going to a party tomorrow night and have 3 dresses , i want to know which you guys prefer on me.
also for fun, can you guess which is from ;
newlook, matalan and next.
also which is a 12, 16 and 18.
cheers claire x
have put them in a new album
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i love the first one the best hun!
If i'm totally honest, i dont think the second one does anything for your figure hun!! Third one is ok and makes your boobs look fab but isnt as flattering round the middle hun as the first one!
Think number 1 is matalan and have no idea about the size!
That's my vote and i'm sticking with it! lol


please try again
i think you should wear the first dress, looks great on you
2, 1, 3
my favs in that order.

my guesses
2 - Next 12
1 - Matalan 18
3 - New Look 16

Think you look great in them all. But you are far nicer in 2. it's stunning! I just personally don't like the purple satiny dresses that are in fashion just now cos Ithink they look cheaper but I'm 47 this month so what right have I to comment on your fashion! I wore a thing the other day and my son said I looked like Susan Boyle in it! So don't listen to me.
Why don't you give a prize to the person who guesses right Claira, ha ha!!!
Defo the first one hun it looks lush and u look great in it! x
Claire - hasn't someone got skinny ikkle legs!!! heeeee haaaaa haaa.
Wow - I can't believe how skinny your legs are!!! (and your boobs look fab too!!)

I like 3 2 1 in that order. I have a feeling that the camera has flashed on 2&3 so isn't giving true picture of how you actually look in the dresses!!!

Right now for guessing - as I actually haven't got a clue which is which :
Next - 2
Matalan - 3
Newlook - 1

Go rock them at the party babe!



needs a real kick in the
Wow - Number 1 is THE ONE! You look beautiful in it!

Not sure what's from where - I'm rubbish at things like that, so won't even attempt to guess!

Hope you have a great time tonight!! x


please try again
Going off topic now, have you noticed... the people posting right now are the ones with kids :D I guess everyone else is in bed lol
is it fair that ive got a kid and yet im the only one awake? grrrrrrrr

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