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Back On CD.......
Hiya Guys. ;)

Well Back to CD & my Fab incentive is my B/F is gonna treat me to Florida for my birthday in October, :D

Couldnt be happier, So just over 2 months to go & Would be chuffed to bits if I can lose another st & a half..

I have always wanted to go & decided before we concentrate on looking for a house, have kids, spend all our savings we should go on a FAB holiday, not bothered in what its gonna cost, Keith is getting a Big bonus in the next few weeks so he said he will treat us..

So bring on the CD packs, I am determined now.. ;)

By the way any advice about Florida I would greatly receive..
Must post in the Holidays Bit.

In my Travel Agents last week there was a cancellation for Florida for 2 weeks in Sept for £580pp, but I cant go as New Reg out then & we are so busy :mad:

So hopefully we will find something as nothing is booked yet..
Watch my luck we wont get there.

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Staying on plan!
Stick to it Kel, you'll be in florida showing off your new figure before you know it!!!!!!
Have a great time


Back On CD.......
Right Guys, :D

Has everyone got a Motto for CD??

Or even a sentence to sum it up for your journey or how its making u feel etc ?!?!?.

Post what ya like.
Would love to hear them,

My cdc used to say
" nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

"Eyes on the prize" is one I have seen from Icemoose (mike)


Full Member
"never give up" is mine!


Silver Member
Sometimes I say to myself?! Come on Camilla just dig deep???!!!

You'll have a fabulous time in Florida, we have a house out there and spend every Christmas in the sun for 6 weeks!!!

Heya hun best of luck im of on holiday in sept and want to get 2stone by then.

Sorry no advice on florida never been there!

Any motto i dont have any either :( but when things get tough i come on here and i say to myself Becky what the hell are you doing? do you want to be fat or thin? It works for me!!!!!!!!! xxx


This is the last time!!
I don't have a motto, I just repeat in my head all of the things that losing weight will be allow me to do, I visualise myself in a size 16 and that helps.

I'm off to Florida on Dec 21st, we are going to Miami ffor a few days, then 12 nights in Orlando doing Disney things, then back to Miami for a couple of chilled days before flying home. Can't wait :D:D:D:D


Queen of the Damned
No Remorse, Stay on Course! :D


please try again
i like ur H.A.L.T phrase dq, its 100% right


Staff member
"Keep moving forward and never give up!"

Love Mini xxx
i think that every pound lost is a pound closer to my goal

i also carry around a hideous photo of me at my largest in my purse.. so if i ever feel like being naughty, i take that picture out, shudder and realise why im not having food

im sure when i have lost a decent amout of weight, that photo will be one of my 'before' photos for viewing on here! :D


Staff member
I also carry around a hideous photo of me at my largest in my purse.. so if i ever feel like being naughty, i take that picture out, shudder and realise why im not having food
Good one!

I hate my before photos:cry:
oh its sooo bad. i actually had a look at it today.the top of my arms were bigger than my head!! nooooooo

i have got another photo in my purse of me (im not vain honest) of me about 3 stone lighter, looking really nice. thats so i dont get lost in the mammoth total weight i have to lose, and have comfort in the fact that even tho i will still be 'obese' in 3 stones time, i can actually look pretty.

i all too often think just because im fat im ugly.
"I can do this, I will do this, I am doing this"

I also stole Icemoose's "eyes on the prize"

The best one I have seen is
"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution"

My biggest problem with overeating is using food as a comfort. I need to learn that this isn't the solution!

The other motto I have is "food is fuel", I guess the reason behind this is the same as the above quote - to remind myself that the only reason to eat is to fuel the body, not for comfort or anything else!

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