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plunge bra

well i thought since i was going all out with my new blonde hair do and new clothes.

thought it was time for a new bra.

my poor old faithful white bra is just not doing the job anymore.

now i know im among friends so i will spill the beans i was a size 46 e and when lady measured me i am now a size 40d.

shop lady asked what type of bra i wanted and i said something to give me a bit of lift, cause my boobies are heading some what south :(

well she got me a plunge bra??? girls my boobs are now offically under my chin and bouncing around happy as can be ;)

i liked it so much i bought one in pink/black/white. when i showed other half when i got home hes eyes went so big and the grin on his face!!! he kept saying "show me your new bra again incase i missed it first time".

shame they go flop when i take bra out!!!!!!!! but whilst i got it on im bloody happy and bouncy in more ways than one!
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I can't wait for the day I get a plunge bra, rather than a plunge bucket!!
its amazing isn't it - just how different you feel and look once you have a well fitting bra...
I measured up a few weeks back and as I have lost weight from my back and under my boobs and non from my boobs I had actually gone from a nearly D (never filled it properly:eek:) to an E as the difference between band and cup has got bigger :rotflmao: Im hoping this trend doesn't carry on as Im gonna end up rather top heavy :banana dancer:. Hubby is a happy chap ;) and me, well Im happy as they now stick out further than my belly :giggle:
oooohh and I have just ordered a sports Bra -the 1st time I have been able to get one in my size -although its also the 1st time I have ever wanted one :p . I can't wait until my band size gets small enough for a nice plunge bra :D
Have fun flashing at hubby ;)


Will be slinky!
Hahaha, i'm with you on this.

I have some lovely bras and when you have them on it's like "wowzers!" When i first bought the one i have on i wore it with a top that didn't hide cleavage well and i don't think the bf looked me in the face the whole time we were having lunch :p Made me chuckle.

It's just a shame they're not so "bouncy" when i take it off!

Oh where's my lottery win?! The first thing i'd buy would be boobs :p


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WTG girl! There's nothing like a sexy bra to get your spirits up.


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Michelle, I've found that I have exactly the same problem - I look like I've had a bunch of kids and I've had none!!

I've found that a balconette bra is the way to go - they are right *there* but not too in your face!
lol replys made me giggle.

Happy holidays get yourself a plunge bra girl, my boobs are like spaniels lugs without one, get one of them tried on and you wont look back, trust moi.

Ellebear flaming wonderbras only go up to a size 38 back and i aint into that size yet, give me a few monthes and ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes my babies will be squeezing into a wonderbra!

capricorn i worked in evans for 3 years and i did bra measurements a lot, the reason your cup size goes up is because when you drop a back size you go up a cup size..does that make sense to you???

i know it sound odd so if you were a 40c and lost weight and you back went to a size 38 your cup size would go up so you would then be in a size 38d.

im waffling now so shall get off lol
i love matching undies - and i used to have a Wonderbra with a bra extender Emma - now i dont need the extender so i 'think' i am a 38DD now - will be interesting to see what I am when i go to be measured.

Ann Summers have a new range with tiny beads/beans all the way through - they make your puppies look impressive!!! nice hot pink and black design too!!!! Add a cup size too i think the advertising claims!!! x
I'm so jealous, I've been left with empty bags since losing weight. Maybe padded & plunge are the way forward for me:D

They're definitely the way forward! I only have boobage because of weight gain :p but when my chest was less ample, padded and plunge were a godsend!
when i showed other half when i got home hes eyes went so big and the grin on his face!!! he kept saying "show me your new bra again incase i missed it first time".
ROFWL !!!!!
Its great when you can get new undies, and when they fit and are pretty it adds to your confidence too. I've gone from a 50B to a 40DD but they look huge and I can even shop in Ann Summers bra section now, the mister loves it not that I get to wear them for very long lol
I wish a plunge bra would help me...due to my rather large weight loss I now have what my other half terms as two socks with sand at the end...am really self concious but dont think that uplift surgery is now being offered on the NHS :(


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Oh ladies I love this post! I did chuckle, and empathise with some. In a bra I'm a big breasted lady at a 38F...take off the bra and bend over Oh my...they look like a pair of socks with tennis balls in them..not a pretty site lol. My Mum always told me to bend at the knees...now I've grown up she has me wondering if that really was for my back, or was it for my chest LOL
Who says you gotta take it off? If they look good on, leave em on! More tempting that way hehe!

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