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Plz Help!! I dont have enough food packs!! What should i eat??

My CDC didnt give me enough food packs and i dont have any for tmrw :( . My weigh- in is tmrw evening but i have nothing to get me through the day :eek: What should i eat??

I was thinking that i would just have the amount of steamed chicken that i would have on AAM week.

I am really frustrated about this. We did arrange for me to pick up my packs but i was 5 mins late and she left!! I was so annoyed :mad: , it wasn't like i was not going to come!! I need my packs.

So do you think some steamed chicken through the day tmrw is a good idea?? It wont kick me out of ketosis will it??
I'm abit worried about it because i have 2 exams tomorrow and i need to do well in them.

I start AAM week on saturday so i am not too bothered about eating something!!

I would really appeciate some advice. Thank You xx :)
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Hi there.

Dont worry too much. I had this exact same scenario about a month ago. I called my cllr and asked her waht to do and she said that if needs be it is ok to go up to 48hrs on this diet without foodpacks (and obviously no real food allowed) .

so longs as you can stick this it shouldnt make a difference to ur diet


Cambridge Counsellor
I couldn't recommend that you go without completely. Not with exams. In fact we always say don't skip food packs.

From a counsellor point of view, however the chicken option is good. You won't come out of ketosis. Don't use salt you'll get water retention. And don't be tempted to eat any carbs, that will knock you out of ketosis.

But then I eat all mine in the evening anyway. As long as you get all of them at some point in that day. It doesn't really matter when you have them.

S'up to you. Either go with water until you can pick them up in the evening, or have some chicken during the day. It is after all only a day early for AAM and won't therefore make any difference diet wise.

And good luck in those exams.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
For tomorrow, I'd recommend you have the options available on the 790kcal programme for lunch and dinner before you get to your CDC later that evening (even the salad part). For breakfast, either have some form of protein (boiled egg, grilled bacon) or more good ol' chicken!
Can't believe anyone would advise you to go without :eek:- your body needs fuel to function properly. If you understand how this diet works, your CDC would know that having extra protein (in the portion sizes stated) would not kick you out of ketosis at all, but will give you the energy you'll need to function for the day. :eat:
Also, when having your CD packs, you should space them out throughout the day, not leaving too many hours between meals. This prevents the body "storing" on to last meal given, knowing that you're not going to feed it again for gawd knows how many hours! Feeding your body breakfast, lunch, dinner, helps to stabilise your metabolism, and stops overloading the digestive system full whammy with too much at one sitting . Also, will help when you reach Stabilisation and Maintainence, learning good food habits, and fueling your body regularly throughout the day to prevent hunger, cravings, regulate blood sugar etc. Just like you should drink your water frequently throughout the day, your CD packs, or food should be done the same.
Don't panic too much either! At least you're seeing her tomorrow! May be an idea to purchase an extra few packs from her. Sometimes things crop up last minute and you may not be able to attend an appointment, so at least you'd have those extra packs to keep you going until you can next meet up! Good luck! ;)
Thanks you for all the advice. I really appreciate it :)

I have steamed 50g of chicken to have abit for breakfast and lunch tmrw, it isnt much tho. I will then have a evening mikshake after i see my CDC.

50g really does seem like a lttle but i wanted to stick to the AAM amounts.

I wasn't aware that i was short any food packs untill i got home from my last weigh in and arranged them for the week.

I had to have a few extra this week because my weigh in day was moved to friday instead of tuesday, so my CDC must have not counted them properly.

Anyway, i will make sure that doesnt happen again because it is such a headache having to go back to see her because she lives about 20 mins away by car and i dont have a car :( and it would be impssible to walk there :eek:

I might change CDC after AAM week and see if i can find one who lives closer.

Thanks again for all your help xx :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Just to say "GOOD LUCK" with your 2 exams tomorrow! :read: What subject/s?
Hopefully you're not reading this, but tucked up in bed and pushing up some Zzzzz's!!!!:nightf:
I'm sure it was a genuine oversight by your CDC forgetting to pack the additional items for you. If you're happy with her, perhaps arrange fortnightly or monthly appointments to save going that distance? Unless you can source another CDC closer by to where you live? I know what it's like to travel to get your supply! I used to have to get a taxi, train, tube, walk to go see my CDC, then repeat to get home! I hadn't learnt to drive yet, and CDC numbers back then in this area were tiny compared to now!!! Mind you, it was a great way to keep me going! There's no way I was going to do that journey only to be told I'd gained each week! Plus the company wasn't bad once I got there :)giggle:!!!!!)

GOOD LUCK - hope you sail through them!
Thank you for all your support. I got through friday ok. I had a maths and sociology exam and i think they went ok. I have a psychology exam in 2 weeks but i aint too worried because i know my stuff.

I think i will stick to my current CDC for now, but if the distance does becomes a problem then i will probably change.

I hope everyone is doing well on their diets xx :)


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Congratulations on your weight loss so far Maybe_baby!

How did the exam day go in the end? What did you end up eating if anything at all?

Good luck for your future exams :) x
Congratulations on your weight loss so far Maybe_baby!

How did the exam day go in the end? What did you end up eating if anything at all?

Good luck for your future exams :) x
Thanks for the reply :). I am sooo chuffed about my weightloss :D . My exam day went fine. I think i have done well. I ended up living of steamed chicken all day, It was really nice. Friday evening was horrible though because i got acid reflux from just eatin tiny amounts of chicken all day and the pain kept me up all night.

I have 1 exam to go and then its SUMMER TIME!!! WOOO!!! :D

Hope you are doin well on your diet :) xx

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