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I'm on day 2 of my restart and was just wondering (as it's been so long since I first started with CD) what a realistic first week loss is if I keep to SS 100% and drink at least 2L of water a day. I know everyone is different but I'd be interested to hear what your first week losses were?

I need to lose around 31lbs and am also wondering what is a realistic date to expect the loss by, providing I stay on the wagon of course!

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i havent a clue as im a first timer, but im looking forward to the replies you get! im on day 4

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I lost 7lbs back in November, I had some time off at Christmas and my first way in is on Thursday and I look like I am heading 7lbs way again:D
my first week i lost 11lbs,
i have lost 22lbs in 4 weeks, cant wait to see how much i have lost this week, i find out tomorrow!
It is pretty individual I lost 1st 1lb in my first week. I was very shocked. If you are close to your goal weight you may not lose as much. Stick to it though, the weight will literally fall off you.


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To some extent, it depends on how much you weigh to start with. If you start at a higher weight, you tend to have fairly spectacular losses (so long as you don't cheat!!). Having said that, I have seen fairly spectacular losses in those who start at lower weights too. It depends on all kinds of things - TOTM, whether you were on a different diet recently, how much glycogen your body stores, whether you're a bit constipated, etc, etc. - oh and whether you remember you're getting weighed and stop drinking say an hour or so before stepping on the scales :D)

I lost 11 pounds in my first week the first time around, and know that realistically, I can't expect it to be as much as that this time as I'm three and half stone less now than I was then.

Doesn't stop me hoping though. With a fair wind behind me, the moon in Aquarius and my lucky rabbit foot, I might just manage it again. ;)
I don't believe in the more you weigh more you lose theory I'm afraid. I was 17st when I started at first and I lost 7lbs in my first week (no cheats). I then restarted at 14.5st and again lost 7lbs!:D
First time round I unofficially lost 14lbs by my scales, officially 11lbs on CDC's (after some water, and a pack, and fully clothed).. This time, I hope for at least half a stone...

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