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Ok, so I dont know if I said before but I bagged a bargain and bought 81 sachets from a friend of a friend for £50.

They came this morning (I am on day 7 as I bought a weeks worth from my CDC) I have just tried a plain porridge - OMG they are vile.

I felt like I was eating wallpaper paste it was soooo disgusting!!:cry::cry:

I even tried shaking in a tiny bit og my choc mint shake to see if that would help the taste but it just made it worse!

I have 21 of the ******* to eat up aswell!!!
eughhhhhh :(

Anyone have any tips of what I can do to make it edible??
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Lol I never thought bu-ggers would be filtered!! Sorry for the offence!! :D
try adding something sweet tasting like cinnamon (?spelling) , some people say nutmeg or ginger. In short try everything, coz i wouldn't waste 21 packs i f it were me xxx

What a bargain! - I make the porridges really watery and add cinnamon and nutmeg makes them ok - not great but edible. good luck x
Thanks trim, I will try everything, I think i will just have to force myself to eat 1 a day as like you say, Im not wasting them!! x
Thanks Tink, I might try adding more water!!! x
are they plain ones or the apple and cinnamon ones? I had the A&C one this morning...and they were sooooo nice! :) xx


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I love the porridges!!! I don't like the apple and cinnamon, too sweet, but the plain... yum!! Love it!
Hi there.

I have to say the porridge taste horrible. It should be against the law to make somehting so vile...

I tried the apple/cinnamon one and oh my god, I actually gaged.

I have no idea to make it better, I tried sweetener, more water, less water, I can't take.


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Seems I'm the only one that really likes them! I have them every breakfast, and sometimes twice too! Ha


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Yuk another hater here ... plain porridge is yacky! ..
Im going to try the apple and cin though just incase its ok ...
LOL @ lovely!! yes I agree it should be against the law!! They are gross!! I will try some cinnamon tomorrow!! x


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I love them too. I add nutmeg to the original one and add more water than is recommened to otherwise it is far too thick. Love the A&C one too. Look forward to starting the day with my porridge.

Hope you can grow to like them.

Charlie xx


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See this is how I am with tetras, though I used to like them, they make me feel physically sick now. But porridge, I'll eat all day! I like that it has texture to it, feels like I'm eating, not just drinking! lol
Yeah caroline, you see thats why I htought I would like them!! I loveeee "normal" porridge but that was awful!! Could it be that the shelf life of them is only a few weeks left??

And how can you not like choc tetras, my god they are amazing! I halved one yesterday with hot water it was lush!! :D

I will have to try adding extra water tomorrow and cinnamon! x


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I would have thought they'd be fine. I had an out of date one the other day by accident, whoops! Tasted fine, just didn't go as thick.

They're just far too sickly! I don't like the taste, the texture, anything. They give me a funny after taste too.
I love the A&C porridge.
I sometimes add 1tsp of apple sauce (like the stuff you have with roast pork and crackling......:cry:)
It has about 4 kcal and virtually no carb. 0 fat etc.
It makes it even yummier - and yes I know on SS I shouldn't but if that's my only sneak.......!!!:rolleyes:


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You can use psyllium husks with the shakes to make basically a porridge, I did that with toffee and walnut but now I can't stand that flavour at all!

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