Possible meet up in Ireland in 2007 !!


Minimins gal x
Hey all Minimins.
Was just thinking i would luv to meet Mini and Pierce in person instead of chatting to them online and thank them for this amazing site and their friendship and commitment.

Was just wondering if maybe we could arrange a meetup some time in 2007 in Ireland so we could meet these 2 amazing friends of ours.:)

I know Mini and Pierce are both very busy people so it would be so nice for the Minimins crew to go down to see them and and enjoy ourselves in Ireland.

Looking forward to hearing from you all xx

What a fab idea!! I would love to visit Ireland and, more importantly, would love to visit this famous Mini :D :D :D

When were you thinking?
I Love Ireland, and the low cost airlines make it easily accessible from the uk
Also gives me chance to lose more weight so I don't need a three mile long seatbelt extender or to pay for three seats :D :D :D
I don't need the extender on easyjet or ryanair - must have bigger seatbelts!!!!!
mind you not so lucky on jmc - thomson - air france - boooooooo!!!!!!
Hehehe. I haven't flown since I was 16 so I don't know whether I would need an extender. I measure as below. I'm unsure how big seats are on planes but I remember watching 'f*ck off, I'm fat' and it being on there.
The horror is i really really dont like Aslan whatsoever

Saw them live at the Old Oak a few years ago (free gig thank God) and was extremely bored...

:eek: oh Ivy...I cant believe you said that!! they are one of my absolute fave bands, but I am not exactly one of their more usual fans if you get my drift!! My little girl knows all their songs and wants to go see them at christmas with me!!