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post baby weight horror !! diet starts today !

i had my third child last saturday, i am horrified to say that i weighed myself this morning and i am 15 stone !!

i need to loose four stone asa but safely as i am breast feeding

this is a typical day of what i have been having since having baby any thoughts suggestions advice please ! ??


cereal and a slice of toast


jacket potato with either cheese, tuna or beans
or a ham roll

dinner tomato pasta bake with salad and a roll

chicken jacket potato and cheese and salad

plus snacks on bananas, apples, grapes plus one packet of crisps a day and two finger kitkat

12 glasses of water

i know i am eating lots but i am just so hungrey !

help !!
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Hello there and congratualtions on the birth of baby number 3!!
Firstly I would like to say that its very early for you to be thinking about loosing weight, your baby is less than a week old! I know we all want to get back into shape asap, and I appreciate that you said you want to do it sensibly and you food looks great and healthy, BUT
A week after having a baby you should be concerntrating on your baby and your own body, by letting it recover from the birth, and the pregnancy, surely you can wait a month at least before you start worrying about what you weigh and loosing the extra weight??
Please dont get me wrong I am not condeming you for wanting to get back on track asap, but your life is going to be hectic enough and your body is going to be put through the mill, just by everyday life(and nights!!) and you will prob find running around after 3 kids your weight will start to drop off anyway.
Again huge congrats on the baby, but take time to let your body heal before you start dieting hon.
Love to you


Personal Trainer
Food looks just fine hun!!

Trust me....keep to that and the weight will just drop off :D

congratulations! x
it could ALWAYS be worse.

I had my baby a week past on Saturday (oliver is 10 days old today).

I was losing weight whilst pregnant and put on 11lb during the pregnancy. The galling thing is that I'm HEAVIER now than I was the morning before Oliver was born !!!! 4lb heavier !!!

I've been keeping to a sensible diet the whole way through and no way is it possible to put weight on like that. I do have a huge amount of fluid retention especially in my legs and feet (still can't get shoes or socks on)

Today I've had :

2 x slices wholemeal toast with olive oil spread
cup of tea (just a little skimmed milk)

piece of quiche for lunch - approx 250kcal and a low fat yoghurt
another cup of tea

going to be chicken stir fry for dinner - loads of veggies and very healthy

maybe an pure fruit juice ice lolly after dinner

I'm breast feeding too....


Personal Trainer
dont despair hun, your body after a baby is all over the place ...give it time to settle down....normally around 6 months :flowers:
diet is not going well :eek:

i am feeling so hungrey !

today i have had

toast for breakfast

ham sandwich for lunch and a packet of monster munch and a banana

three celebration sweets

jacket potato and tuna for tea

and the night is young lol

and last night i ate four caramel digestive biscuits i blame tescos for having them half price
i thought so.....sorry one hand typing !

why dont you join us on the diary threads ?

my little boy is called oliver james. there are photos on my thread.

unfortunately - i'm heavier than you. but i stood on the scales yesterday and had dropped a stone (fluid) over the weekend.

i'd like to try and drop another stone or thereabouts by christmas
i am having about 1400 cals a day i am starting to do a dvd that corrie lady vicky something im told it supposed to be really good for fast results we shall see, i prob wont get past the warm up , i need to get in shape quickly as i am back at work next month and will have to ride for four hours a day lol oh dear !!

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