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Post-binge omg

Hello everyone

So, last night. Came back from the gym about 6.00 ravenous to find my housemate was in. And she says, 'I'll cook', at which my heart sinks because she never cooks anything that takes less than an hour, and she never wants to eat till at least 8.00.

I spend about two hours sitting salivating with hunger and by the time dinner is ready I'm literally dizzy, having done an hour's gym on my lunchtime salad, and somehow the meal doesn't satisfy.

Afterwards housemate goes out and I'm sat around thinking, 'hmmm chocolate and crisps would be nice'. It's TOTM and my weightloss this week is really disappointing, which kind of demotivates me further. I manage to persuade myself that I need to go to Tesco to get some dental floss [to be fair, at this point I did phone a friend as a distraction, but she was out].

I stride off to Tesco wearing a skirt I haven't been able to squeeze into for two years, reminding myself about my weight loss, and vowing not to buy crisps and chocolate. Get there, and suddenly can't bear not having anything. I end up buying philedelphia, cheese twists and a box of Lindt truffles. All the way home I keep telling myself to chuck 'em in a litter bin but I don't.

Get home, find I left the dental floss as Tesco's checkout by mistake, climb into bed [it's quite late now], and demolish all the food. I quite enjoyed the cheese twists and philidelphia, but I went off the chocolate and ate the last lot of truffles because I did, not because I even wanted it.

Have a rubbish night's sleep due to being too full and now:
I'm tired
My stomach really hurts
I have a foul taste in my mouth
I feel that I can't enjoy my weight loss, and I deserve to put the 21lbs I've lost right back on.
I want to starve myself for about the next week as punishment.
I feel so stupid for doing this even though I knew what the likely consequences would be.

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Oh hun - you've just done what so many of us have done. You now feel the quilt and realised that listening to the voices in your head is a bad BAD thing! We can't givei into our cravings cos thats what got us in this mess inthe first place!
Its sooo not worth it, so as they say "draw a line under it" drink tons of water to flush the yuck out of your system and stick to that striaght & narrow!!

why jeopardise all the great work you've done til now and the gym torture??!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Been there, know how you feel :(

Take a mental note of exactly how you feel right now. Try and press into your memory so that the next time those cravings rear there head you can remember it.

Now.... Forget about it. Stop beating yourself up. You are human and will fall down sometimes but what matters is that you jump back on the diet and don't let the eating take a hold. Start drinking lots of water and flush it out. You will feel so much better tomorrow.


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Right there with you, hun. I did something very similar last night, and I'm determined not to let it happen again for a while.

Here's the thing. If you dared to jump on the scales this morning, you'll find they're probably up several pounds. Don't panic about that--it'll be mainly water that'll disappear shortly after you get yourself back into ketosis. So in 3 days time, maybe less, it'll be as though your little blip never happened. You probably didn't eat, calorie-wise, half as much as you think you did. If you're feeling like me this morning, you feel as though you've let yourself down. You haven't--it was just one night. The trick is not to do the same again tonight. Don't let last night's lapse turn into a weekend binge--because the damage done then will be harder to fix!

Get back on the wagon, remind yourself you're only human like Yuna said--oh, and go and buy some more dental floss. :D In fact, if you kept the receipt and they found it on the side of the checkout, you should be able to get it without having to pay again!

Good luck hun--you can do this!!

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