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Power Plates

Morning all :)
Had my 1st power plate session yesterday and there are no words to describe the agony I'm in today!!! It was 25 minutes and I didnt really feel anything at the time, but this morning, wow!!! I'm hoping the sessions will stop me from having too much loose skin when I reach goal, so really looking forward to my next session :D
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this time - the last time
Yay! I can't wait to get back to it!

I found after my first class I was in pain for 3days but my recovery time was much faster after the 2nd and subsequent classes.
What do u do on them? Lol


this time - the last time
The class I did was 10 mins legs, 5 mins arms, 5 mins abs and 5mins warm down.
Each exercise was 1 minute. Things like holding a lunch position (30secs in each leg) , doing press ups for a minute, doing sit ups for one minute.

Because your stood/sat in the vibrating plate, it destabilizes you, so your core and targeted muscles work 10times (or even more) harder.

I love it, as you've no time to get bored as everything is only for one minute!

It really strengthens your core which is good for your posture and any back pains. Also thins you from the inside! As your core tightens your waist and hips get narrower.

It's brill! Quite expensive near me though but am starting in Feb!


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
i've found a studio near me that's open til 7 in the evenings which is ideal and do package deals of £49 per month for 12 sessions, so 3 a week which i think is plenty! I'm actually moving house next week (only 5 mins up the road lol) so can't afford it this month or maybe next :( but i'm determined to give it a go! i really want to tone and this will keep me focussed (very short attention span) and i know it works! just need the fitness fairy to visit and leave a bit of dosh under me pillow! lol!

Be interested to see how you guys get on though!


this time - the last time
Well I have jumped in! Just signed a 12 month contract (classes are so much cheaper that way)

Starts 1st Feb (they only do it from the beginning of the month) For that I'll get 12classes a month (approx 3 every week)

I also bought 2classes for me to take in the next 2weeks to get me up and running and over the initial pain! Wish me luck!


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Right, taken the pluunge and am signing up on the 1st Feb for 12 sessions a month (so 3 per week). :D excited now - hope it's worth it - I WANNA TONE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!
The place in my town that does powerplates doesn't do classes. You just stand on the machines. Is this wrong?
Hi Mini,
You are supposed to have an instructor who will 'take' the class. It consists of a number of exercise repetitions. Not sure why they would just let you stand and do nothing? Have you asked them for the specifics?
I think I need to talk to the lady who runs the shop properly. I'll let you know how it goes!!

Thanks for your help.
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112lbs lost - 28 to go!
it's an odd one because it's not usually a class as such it's a series of positions you hold whilst on the machine for usually 30-60 secs at a time but yes i would say you need to speak to someone for guidence and ideally have an instructor there for at least the first few sessions if not all the time :)


this time - the last time
I'm all booked in for my first class 7.30 Thursday morning.

Excited! But also scared! Not looking forward to the pain on Friday and Saturday!

Worried about whether I'll have the strength to do the class. Not done any exercise since starting ss. Not sure whether to have my shake before, to give me some strength, or save it for after to help me recover.
ive been thinking of buying a power plate for home use.
cant decide whether to get a power plate or a decent professional treadmill.
decisions decisions.


this time - the last time
Love love LOVE power plates!!! Just left my first class!!

Feel exhausted (which means I am SUPER unfit as this is supposed to be 'no sweat' exercise. But I loved every second!!

Each 'pain' only last for the last 30 seconds of each 1 minute exercise. Can't get bored. Can't lose motivation LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

I'm confident it will tone me, so I slim from the inside out! Exciting!

Preparing myself for the pain that has already started to kick in. Hopefully it'll be gone by sunday!

Walked out of the class and to work looking like a drunk froma a pantomime!! I hope no-one I know saw me. They literally would have thought I had been at the vodkas! Really wobbily legs. Walking just like bambi!! Felt like an out of body experience....I was trying to walk with someone else's legs. Very weird. Remember I felt like that last time.

Looking forward to class next tuesday.

After that I will be doing 3 classes a week, so hope my recovery time gets quicker between classes, otherwise its going to kill!!
Well done, you!!!! :)

I'm currently doing 1 class a week, but from next week increasing to 2. The first time I was in agony for 3 days afterwards, just goes to show you how intensive it is! Here's to our new toned bodies ;)
im really indecisive about whether to buy a treadmill or a power plate.
given what people are saying aboy it on here i am worried that i wont be fit enough to use the power plate :eek:
Cheryl it depends what you think you would use more the power plate is not to hard you just build up a resistance to how high you can take its good i enjoy the PP but you are not building strength when on it you are getting muscle tone and no ceilulite :) got to be good but for all round fitness i would buy a treadmill as you are giving your cardiovascular system a work and you are toning up at the same time.. shop about there are some good sales on just now.
HTH xx

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