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PP and binge eating

Im going to a meeting tomorrow to start back on plan. My leader seems very keen for me to start PP. Thing is i am a binge eater, using Discover i kind of avoided this to a point. Im scared with having the slush fund on top of daily points will not help me with this. Im starting at around 23 stone so i gather ill be on high daily points anyway. To be honest i dont think id swap healthy alternatives either having the extra 49 a week to fall back on. Im hoping the meeting will change my mind on this but so far im not overly confident....
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Firstly good luck for tomorrow. This is my second week of Propoints, I do have issues with binging too but so far no problems.
I used most of my points on sunday for a meal at my mums.......I had already swapped to healthy food prior to joining as was at SW anyway but i would say if you don't make some healthy choices your points won't go far at all. 49 on unhealthy stuff soon gets used, I had some pavlova, cream and naughty bits with the roast ( no alcohol ) and used 60 PP for the day which included brekkie ( no lunch as too full )

I'm on 38 PP a day and find they go along way when I'm choosing sensibly.....have a look at my food diary to get an idea.

I love the plan and would really recommend anyway giving it a go :D

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions
Hi I don't binge I used to comfort eat badly , I've yoyoed many years and never managed to keep weight off. It's a struggle if we have any eating disorder and counselling helps.

I find pp harder than discover as I'm only on 29 pp daily and have 3.5st to go still, I've had porridge a chicken salad sandwich and a pk of crisp = 14 pp only leaving me 15 for later, I can't eat too much fruit and veg bad ibs and if I use too many of 49 pp I won't lose weight.

I'm doing pp until new year if I can't get along with it I'm going back to discover.

I'd try pp if I was you as you say your daily pp is going to be high so you may not need 49, I eat v healthy but can't eat large portions as said so I am hungry xx
I have binge eating disorder and has seen psychologists for it, what I like about PP is that I have a mini-binge I don't feel guilty as the points are available which means I don't go oh feck it and have a major binge, the guilt is taken away.
The juries out for me atm. I did binge last week (within points and still lost weight) but that was probably hormonal and I probably would have done that on discover (only I would have stop counting my points and had a bigger binge iyswim).

Give it a go and see how you get on. Let us know xx
I had a binge last night :( I'd bought 2 pasta pot shots by batchelors last week for 2 lunches for work...had the chicken one yesterday and it was basically a chicken cuppasoup with a bit of pasta in it so by mid afternoon I was starving!

I know I binged though yesterday and iv drawn a line under it. I'm going out for lunch today and it's my choice so we are going the carvery coz I feel for a pub lunch that that's the best option. I'll have no takeaway this weekend and fingers crossed, I won't go over my 49 weekly points.

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