PP on other brands?



Tesco own healthy choice range had points values on packets but not sure if they still do and wouldn't reckon they will have changed to pp yet with is been pretty new although I could be completely wrong lol x :) x


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Sainsbury's "be good with yourself" has got the propoints value on the back of their packages!!


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Can I ask, how long you been on pro-points and how are you finding it as I'm about to start next week?


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Morrisons Eat Smart, Tesco Light Choices, Asda Good For You? and Sainsburys healthy range :D


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Tescos have started using the new PP values, but it still looks the same with the red circle and the number in it - You have to read the black writing next to that to check if it says Points or ProPoints.... Give it a month or so, all the old packaging'll be bought and eaten so it will be just the PP values :)

I haven't checked Morries yet to see if they are switching to PP values on packaging


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Marks & Spencer's have just started putting them on their Count On Us ready meal ranges.x
Thanks so much for all the replies!

I can't believe I have never noticed Points on the packaging of other brands......

I'll blame being middle aged and short sighted! ;)

But I'll be taking a magnifying glass when I go shopping in future so I can check before I buy :D


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I have to confess, I have been known to go to the 24 hr Tescos at half 11 at night to check things with my Points calculator when it's really dead in there ;)